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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by malorumdeus, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. what is a good ec reading for 6 plants in approx 3-4 gal. of solution?
    do i want the same readings all the way through veg and flowering? or do i want to change them with the cycles?
  2. I always stick to the following schedule:
    Week 1 and 2 (seedlings) 1,3 plus root stimulator.
    week 3 1,5
    week 4 and 5 - 1,8
    week 6 till finish 2,0
    This works very well for most "white" strains like WW, PP, Chrystal and NLX. They don't like very high levels of ferts.

    (BTW, If you grow on pre-ferted soil give only pH adjusted water (pH 6) during week 1 to 3 and start with 1,5 in week 4 and increase to 1,8 in week 5.)

    Always watch your plant's reaction after increasing EC. If the leafes are curling inwards, you're too high on ferts!
  3. thanks a million woody.
    i will adjust accordingly. at the moment im at 900 microhms in an Emilys Garden hydro setup under 650 plants are about 2 monthes old, but havent grown in past month due to many problems with ph. but i think im past all of that now.

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