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  1. Condoms... who is using them? Thoughts on them? I didn't use them with my ex because she was on BC and was comfortable with it, but my new girlfriend is all about them. I personally hate them because its like going through a water slide in a full body poncho... it doesn't feel the same and you want a mariachi band to be there when you get out... they never are. You can never be too safe though. Tell that to the drunk me.
  2. i'll tell you this. when i have a son. if he ever dares fucking some random girl without a condom im going to wrap one around his neck and strangle his ass
  3. Never has sex with a condom :confused:so i dont know
  4. I don't mind condoms but I would much prefer to bareback it. With my new girlfriend (4months) we had two condom breaks in less than 2 weeks. It sucked, especially for her since she ended up taking the morning after pill twice. :(
  5. I'm guilty of not using them when I should have, but that's par for the course when you're too impatient to get out of bed, get dressed, find your keys, drive to the store, come back, and pray that both of you are still in the mood when all is said and done.


    If I have them, I use them.
  6. Well that's a little counter intuitive... sounds like someone got herpes when they were young....
  7. i hate using them with a passion but it's gotta be done.
  8. CONDOMS ARE SEXY! Use them!

    Maybe it's okay if she's on bc and you guys have been dating for a while.... And have been tested... Birth control has failed in the past, though...

  9. you can still get that little surprise even when you are wearing a condom. same for syphillis.
  10. Yeah, I always hear horror stories about BC children and I don't just mean snobby college kids from Boston.
  11. Hate them.

    Damn near impossible to get off if I am wearing one.
  12. I <3 birth control pills

    condoms suck, and im not trying to spend needless money to fuck my bird.
  13. when fire comes shooting out of your cock you will be buying condoms! But make you rown choices homie.
  14. Remember even pretty people can have herpes
  15. Yeah, my uncle taught me that the hard way. Christmas morning will never be the same...
  16. Condoms suck but they are better than babies and diseases. It's still sex.


    You're trying to say that your uncle is pretty?
  17. I use them with my current girlfriend of three months, but she seems interested to try birth control. Our University offers free birth control, so she's gonna set up an appointment soon. I dont mind condoms, but it's a lot better without them. But like others have said, it needs to be done, lol.
  18. Condoms are the leading cockblocker for me. I've lost my wood trying to put one of those on, luckily my girlfriend is on birth control so we do the nawdy without condoms.
  19. Condoms are like sluts... FUCK EM!

    Lol, in all seriousness though; if its questionable at all, wrap it.
  20. Condoms do a pretty good job of preventing the sperms getting inside the pussy and landing on an egg...

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