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  1. I personally don't see how different types of condoms can affect sex, with the exception of the thinner ones for obvious reasons. I also don't feel like spending the money to try out all the different kinds, lol. Does anyone here have a favorite kind of condom to use?
  2. i use lifestyles cus that's what they give out for free at the clinic
  3. I haven't used a condom in years.
    Im just a very very lucky girl.
  4. lifestyles are definitly the way to go.
    cheap,but their actually good.
    go with the thinned ribbed kind.
  5. [​IMG]

    It's gotta be the 12 pack... Or as I like to call it "The Family Pack". Irony.
  6. FTW!!! green box attracted me to them and they are the fuckin bomb! i think my lady friends enjoys them as well:cool:

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  7. ive always been a trojan man myself. a bit pricey, but cant beat the quality
  8. i like durex for some reason. the high pleasure sensations are fun for every now and then but I usually stick with the extra sensitive
  9. durex aren't wide enough
    it always like cuts off the circulation to my dick and leaves a red ring
  10. Well just think of it as an improvised cock ring ;)
  11. Regular ones leave you feeling barely anything. THin ones break when you get rough. Pull out method all the wayyyyyyyyyyy.

    But really, sometimes you gotta look at it like this: Pay around $1 and have a little less sensation in your dong, or skip it and pay a shitload of money out your ass for the next 19 years.
  12. I think we use the spermicide ones.

    Yeah, I'm married and still use condoms. I didn't have health insurance for a long time, so no BC, and I'm very, very paranoid about getting prego. So, condoms FTW. :hello::p
  13. That's not a bad thing. If I were married right now, I would still be 100% protected. Marriage doesn't automatically warrant a kid. I would love one, but at the right fuckin' time.


    "I would leave that baby on the closest church door step with a note in his little flipper hand, and I would be on the first third world airlines flight outta this country!" -Doug Stanhope
  14. yeah i agree with that. everytime i use a durex that shit always pops when its in. rubbers suck, sex feels way better without them anyway. luckily i go to school where stds arent big, and most girls are on the pill. But when i get with chicks from outta town, ill use a Trojan.
    *Her pleasure*
  15. birth control ftw, condoms ruin sex
  16. wow, I'm really surprised that some people still don't use condoms
  17. No health insurance = no birth control, unfortunately, or else I wouldn't be asking about condoms ;)

    :confused::confused::confused: ...That's kinda ignorant, plus I don't like the Trojan Her Pleasure condoms.

    I've heard that these are amazing, I might try them next.

    I really think I might try every kind that people post and see which are best haha.
  18. I though you could go to planned parenthood and get the pill for free if you prove you cant afford it
  19. It's discounted, not free, and I'm going to try and do that soon but I don't drive and the closest Planned Parenthood is still kind of far, so even if I get it there'll be times where I can't go right away when I run out, so I'd still need condoms.

  20. I don't know how they're doing things now, but the first time I went, they gave me a years supply of BC. :wave:

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