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  1. ...are they reallly necessary? I know my girlfriend doesn't have any STDs and I can control myself and pull out, so is it really that bad if I don't use a condom?
  2. first post..asking about raw dogging your gf.. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    there's really no answer to your question--it's a matter that's between you and your gf and the level of how safe you wanna be that you won't be having any mini MintyClintys any time soon...
  3. i see it your way, raw dog all the way. i wish girls would go one the pill or something though so i could just bust in them
  4. I bet 50% of the world population were conceived through the 'pullout method'

    Grow up and wear a dam rubber.
  5. I really hope people don't get birth control advice from this forum. It's tragic and really makes me wonder about our school system.

    If you don't want to become a parent, wear a condom and don't rely on anyone else. Anything else, and you're taking a chance.
  6. Nope, I prefer the ladies to be on birth control for the best enjoyment though.

  7. "but, she told me she was on the pill!!"

    If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that...
  8. Good thing I don't go out and fuck random girls then huh? I'm talking about girlfriends who I've been in a relationship with for more than 2 weeks or some bullshit. I didn't mean that all girls should I meant if they're in a relationship for a while with a guy ya know like a year or more and such which has been my case then birth control is awesome. :)

  9. I wasn't talking about random hook-ups. ;)

    If you don't want to be a parent, then you should be responsible for your own birth control. Otherwise, you are allowing someone else to control your future. The length of a relationship is irrelevant. It only takes forgetting a pill one time.
  10. Yeah I suppose your right, she could forget and then thats my problem. However the length of the relationship is relevant because if you've been with somebody for a few years the situation will be different than if its only been a few weeks. Either way though your right, if people don't want children they should be prepared to prevent it themselves, otherwise not blame anybody but themself.
  11. Use a condom every time.
  12. Yes, for me they are vital. Im 18 and am NOT trying to have a kid... or STDs for that matter
  13. two words.. pre ejaculation

    strap up if you don't want to get her prego.
  14. shit...i dont want to get her pregnant, but i really really dont want to reduce the pleasure i could be getting.

    you guys have helped. I think ill talk to her about the pill, but I'll still be responsible.

    we've been dating 9 months btw
  15. Yeah, you can still get pregnant even if "pulling out". Try ultra thin condoms, really the only other options.
  16. I raw dogged this girl all summer and pulled out. The whole time (stupid as fuck I know) I assumed she was on the pill and one day she freaked out cause she thought I came in her (I didnt) and I asked if she was on the pill right? She said no and it was prob the worst feeling ever. Always wear a rubber if she isnt on birth control, shit happens and you can fuck up and blow early and its over son...
  17. Or even if you don't blow early, she could still get pregnant.... DUH
  18. mmm. I'm a girl, & I personally don't like condoms.
    i know me & my boy are clean, so I don't worry about STDs.

    I use birth control, though, & i've never had a pregnancy scare.
  19. No offense, but i dont give a damn whether the girl likes or dislikes condoms. im puttin the shit on either way. i dont trust birth control, its too much of a risk imo.

    dont want to turn out like this kid:D:
  20. I trust birth control. If I was sure (as sure as I can be) she was on the pill.

    But she's 17. Why would she lie about being on the pill? She doesn't want a kid.

    I actually talked to her about it and she said if she got preg that she would get an abortion. So I think she would like the pill idea

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