Condoms is destroying the world

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  1. What in gods name could possibly be wrong with contraception? You may ask after a long and tense reflection I've had I realized the answer. And you might be suprised at the truth but what can I say it's the truth.
    Sex is only sex to the extent that it participates in the "I do" of wedding vows. Is it ever permissible for a married couple to violate their weddin vows? We can rant and rave and resist all we like, but an integral part of "I do" is openness to children. Someone might respond: "a couple can be 'open to children' over the course of their marriage without each and every act of intercourse needing to be." but that makes as much sense as saying: "A couple can be 'faithful' to each othe over the course of their marriage without each and every act of intercourse needing to be with each other." if we can recognize the inconsistency in claiming a commitment to fidelity.... But not always, we should be able to recognize the inconsistency of claiming a commitment to being open to children... But not always.
    After comming to this conclusion blades it all started to sink in and make much sence. So I found a answer to this dilemma well atleast a few choices we can choose from:
    Option 1: you can claim that sex doesn't have to participate in the "I do" of wedding vows at all. Ok, then the logical conclusion is that it doesn't have to be with people who have exchanged wedding vows at all. In this view, sex has no real meaning whatsoever, other than the exchange, or even solitary experiance, of physical pleasure.
    This opens the door to the justification of any and every means to orgasm, whether by onself, between two people, between any number of people (whether opposite sex or same sex would be superfluous), or even with animals xD!!.. This ubfortunatly is the way our generation aka the contreceptive culture already thinks smh..
    Option 2: we can change the definition of marriage to exclude "openness to children" but then that makes us the authors of marriage, rather than God and the definition of marriage becomes completly arbitrary. You want to have a "dissoluble marriage" just in case it doesn't work out? Sure, we can do that. You want to have an "open marriage" just in case you get bored with each other? Sure, you want to marry your same sex bf? Sure that can happen also. After all, if marriage intrinsically linked with procreation, why need it be between a man and a women? But this already how our contraceptive culture see things. is marriage contradicting itself? Or did our evolution change the way we see the bible? contraceptive wasent inveted to prevent pregnancy.. Something already existed for that and is called abstinance. After some thought it became clear that contraceptive was created to induldge sexual instinct contraceptive was our "need" for sex. Which then it becomes clear contraception turns sexual union from a prphetic act into just blasphemy!!!! Just a little read for you blades.
  2. I'm sorry I doubt want to come off as harsh but you need to stfu with your hippie propaganda

    Condoms are the only reason half of the idiot fucks in this world don't have children...I'm a firm believer that we are at a time were only a select few people need to continue populating the world...unfortunatly the reality is that most of the people having children today are dumbasses who either got where they are due to ignorance,lazyness, or religion.....thank god for condoms and any other form of birth control.

    With that said FREE LOVE....FREE ABORTIONS
  3. Hey to be honest I actually love your logic... And shit I wouldn't havve sex in this day and age without condoms, but this just came out of smoking something good :) and hey bud this is propaganda is like saying the bibles a load if bull maybe in this day and age it is.. Because of reasoning like you are.
  4. You are completely wrong. I stopped readin after the part about sex not being about having kids every time the same as having sex with other people. Having sex for pleasure does not break vows. Cheating does. Lay off the weed and try and think straight
  5. Title fail:

    "Condoms is destroying the world"

  6. first of all, that is very hard to understand. Second, no. Third, no.

    Also, no.

  7. U beat me to it.

    Bad thread... bad!
  8. hahahahahah!!!! you read my mind
  9. Misleading title is misleading. I assumed you would be ranting about how people are throwing their condoms all over the place.

  10. LOL that was my first thought as well!

  11. itz ebonics mayne comon' nuh
  12. wtf?? condoms are a mans best friend, second to the dog

  13. 100% agreed.
  14. the world is already over populated with humans as it is and its continuing to get worse. Other animals have survival of the fittest so the weakest animals die off/killed/or eaten. But humans keep have baby alive even if it is a retard or cripple, if that was any other animal it would have been killed off a long time ago. Condoms have probably kept the birth rate down so much, which is a very good thing
  15. Atr you serious? Our society is fucked up because of all this procreation. The gene pool is saturated with fuck ups and bad genes, and combined with healthcare is making it worse. We don't have natural selection, so the gene pool isn't getting better, our immune systems suck and all we do is come up with a medicine for it so we don't actually improve and pass on those genes. We are trying to make everyone ;ive a nice happy long life, without realizing what is happening to us as a species.
  16. this entire thread is a fail not just the title.:rolleyes:
  17. Omg I hate making threads when I'm stoned smh... I think it's safe to say that we all agree this thread was a fail lol reading it back now it makes absolutley no sence
  18. More people in this world need to use condoms.

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