Condom of choice?

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen? Input plz, curious convo came up today and I wanna know the gc opinion
  2. Magnum size.
  3. wish I was familiar :(
  4. I enjoy ecstasy. The bareskins ripped on me the 2/3 times i used them. Her pleasure is also nice but the fire/ice was weird lol.
  5. Our family passes it down from generation to generation, It gets better with age

  6. i think you mean ladies and gents! lol

    my girl used to pick up condoms for us sometimes back when we used them ;P
  7. Condoms? Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard

  8. Tell that to my cousin who is going to have a kid.

    French Tickler just because of the name.
  9. I always get those trojans ectasy condoms
  10. ha i wish i had an opinion. but i dont.
  11. Depo shot ftw.
  12. Its called abortions
  13. Fuck that gay shit, RAW DOG all day errday!
  14. Ultra thin, NEVER fire and ice again....they burned me and made my boyfriend too numb. I'm really sensitive so it was probably a bad idea, but we were camping and we didn't have any but this kind lol.
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    This, its Lifestyles brand. Or Lifestyles ultra thin or whatever, its a black box with green lettering

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