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Condo or Townhouse?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by basketballdude, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I was just wondering which would be a better idea and if there's a chance I could attract too much attention from my neighbours has anyone one else effectively had a grow room in an town house or condo without raising any attention?

    I'm using six 300W HPS lights for Northern Lights strain for a total of 12 plants. I've got about $10,000 to invest on equipment to mask the smell unfotunately I cannot afford a house yet unless I had a house with tenants living upstairs or downstairs.

    I understand the risk involved in a grow but if I used the right equipment to mask the smell, seal off all the light and kept a low profile would I be OK?
  2. So, you have or you plan to have the six 300W lamps? I'm going to tell you right now any building with tenants other than yourself or those you trust it is unwise to grow op any bigger than a cabinet.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. I haven't started yet but I planned on doing that. I suppose I could always have 6 plants which would need 900 watts total. The flowering takes 6-8 weeks, Height 100-150 cm (5 feet), Yield is up to 125 grams.

    And I was going to use the spare bedroom on the top floor of the condo which has a window facing the back yard. I guess I could always put the plants in a closet in the spare room but I'm not sure if that would still work or not is that enough room or air flow would be a problem?
  4. Why the fuck would six plants need 900w? I've take it you've never grown before? You've a lot more research to do.
  5. I was told 150W was needed for every plant. 6 plants x 150 W = 900w. I'm also looking to get a high yield from my plants I figure I might as well get the most I possibly can from them as long as i'm growing them.

    Would you suggest 100w per plant instead?
  6. 100W per plant
  7. Both of you are off. 10,000 lumens per plant and no less than 5,000.

    Keep in mind: if you rent property then your landlord has a set of keys, too.
  8. I did a closet grow (4 plants) back in college. We lived in a 4 unit apartment building. The unit below was for showing purposes, so it was empty. We didn't use any odor masking equipment. We sealed the front door w/plastic and duct tape. We could only use the back door. ( the parking was in the back anyway) All was well for about 4 months, and then one day the maintenece man had to check something in our apartment. We were kicking back on our back deck when he came walking up the steps. As soon as the back sliding glass was opened, he got hit in the face with the smell. He just said " somethin' smells mighty tastey" He asked if we had anything to sell. We told him we didn't sell weed, but we would burn with him. We smoked him up and all was well. We got fucking lucky!
    Hashman is right about the fact that the super will have a set of keys if you rent. I'd suggest changing the locks, just don't tell them.
    Better yet, buy a friggin house. Do you watch the news? The housing bubble has burst. It's a buyer's market. Hell my house was appraised for what it was worth 8 years ago. I bought in a sellers market. I plan on being in this house til I die, so it will eventually appreciate. But now is the time to buy. Mortgage companies are hurting, they will loan to anyone right now. You don't need a bunch of money down. In Illinois right now if you are a 1st time buyer, you can get a $5000 grant towards a down payment. There is a subdivision going up a mile from me and the town is giving $3000 towards the down payment to anyone that buys. A 1st timer would get $8000 towards the down payment. I bought my 1st house with only $1500 in my pocket. You say you got $10,000 to invest in a grow op. I've got $1000-$1200 invested in mine, and I can do 12-18 plants. Take most of that $ and find you a house that is being foreclosed (there are plenty out there). Go to the bank that has the lien and strike a deal. Fuck renting.
  9. Lawler! Bad idea to grow in a building or dwelling with someone who can access your apartment at any time. My grow had to be canceled because a neighbor found out. If you're growing for yourself keep it down to between 2-4 plants. On your first time I wouldn't advise spending any more than 300-500 dollars on equipment. Buy a cabinet, paint the inside white or use mylar, put a hefty lock on it and call it your gun cabinet. Then put one 2-400w at the top, get some vents in there, and you're set. Once you've had 2-3 grows under your belt, then you can get a bigger cab or something better. And let me get this straight, you have 10 grand for a grow, but not enough to put a down payment on a townhouse? Definitely not a jew.
  10. So let me get this straight its 10,000 to 5000 lumens per plant. Isn't 100 W equal to about 1700 lumens? That would require a shit load of power if I was going to use 10,000 lumens for every 8 plants wouldn't it? Like I said I want the highest yield possible if i'm going to risk it I might as well go all out.

    And like I said I can't quite afford a house yet that's why i'm buying a townhouse or a condo. I'm not renting it out so no one would be able to get in the room except me.

    So i'm leaning towards my closet with 4 plants using two 400w HPS lights. For the smell I will use white mylar polyester, those plug in odor things, tubs of vinegar and a charcoal filter. I would just hope I could still yield 125 grams from those 4 plants. Here's the supplies i'm going to purchase (I want this to be a pro set-up):

    - Mylar or white paint
    - Charcoal Filter
    - High output extractor fan
    - 2 HPS 400 W light with china hat (???)
    - 1-2 oscilating fan
    - Fertilizer NPK ratio 20-10-10, 10-8-5
    - 4 Peat moss pots
    - plastic
    - fire extinguisher
    - 4 pots (5 gallon)
    - Thermometer
    - Digital pH meter
    - EC meter
    - flowering fertilizer PK 13/14 during 6th week of flowering
    - lighting timer
    - smoke detector
    - de-humidifier
    - c02 generator: I plan on buying the one with the rubber tubing that goes around the room and sprays C02 on the plants but i'm still not sure if I should buy one or not
    - Super Thrive (for germitization)
    - 2x2 inch chicken wire for SCROG technique

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