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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by paenk, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. What is the best condition that I can use to get female plants. I don't wanna go through all this trouble and money to get some hermeys/males. That would just kill. Is there any way to increase my odds, such as lighting/temperature/humidity/fertalizer? Thankya!

    Just because I don't wanna spam up the forum I will ask another question while we are on topic. Will maricle grow soil work for growing?
  2. Yes mircale grow soil will work for growing. But it already has nutrients in it that are a bit too strong for mj. You plant could be nute burned very early on. (Because seedlings don't even need nutes from the jump, they get there nutes from the first set of leaves).

    Um about the female to male to hermie ratio. You're going to have males it's more or less unavoidable if you start from seeds (although it's rather easier starting from clones). Basically to get a better male to female ration you just have to keep the idea conditions going. To much stress can lead to more males, or worse hermies.....

    As long as your grow is in check with heat, cold, humitity, etc you should be fine. MJ is fairly resilant.

    The one thing that will make a female turn hermie in a heartbeat is a fucked up light schedule during flowering. That stresses the plant out horribly.

    One personal idea of mine is that co2 might play a factor into the male to female to hermie ratio. I've never seen it proven or anything like that. But, the basic idea is to keep idea conditions for growing plants, and all plants need co2 to survive don't they?..... I've never heard anybody say that co2 makes a difference in the ratios, but I've never heard anybody say that it didn't either....... I'll let you come to your own conclusion.

    Also one more little pointer. Don't waste your money of feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are made by taking desirable females and making them hermies to produce seeds. The basic idea is that there are no male genetics there so you'll never get a male..... That may be true, but they're have a far greater tendacy to turn hermie right quick on your ass.

    Sidious is a mod here and an exceptional grower and even some of his feminized seeds went hermie. So, if it happened to him, it'll happen to you and don't waste your money.
  3. Allright that makes sense. So this is what I have come to surmise.

    Maricle grow works, but it isn't the best. Low stress and regular lighting scheduales are more likely to give you a female enviroment as apposed to male and hermy conditions. Makes sense to me. I also heard that slightly lower temperature conditions for sapplings will induce females. But I could be wrong.
  4. I don't know about lower temps, but everything else sounded a okay to me.

    If all you can run across is miracle grow, why don't you read up a little on organic gardening. I assume you're going to want to spend some time reading up before you actually grow, so you should have plenty of time to start some compost up...........

    Organic gardening is more or less a blend of compost, bone meal, blood, meal and certain soils. (bone and blood meal are both available at walmart)

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