Concussed and jonsin

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  1. So today at school I made the mistake of jumping with a running start through a doorway, and being 6'3 I hit my head on the steel on brick door frame. Needless to say I have a mild concussion, but I smoke everyday and was wondering if I should refrain from the ganj for a few days, or is it irrelevant?
  2. Have you been diagnosed with a concussion? You can have a headache after hitting your head without it being a concussion. Your head is actually meant to withstand a certain amount of damage and I can't see you running through the door hard enough to cause one.

    That being said if you actually do have a concussion relax on the weed for at least a few days, you don't want to mess with who you are. 
  3. ya you may not necessarily have a concussion.  Did u you vomit after hitting your head or got dizzy and nausea?  If so you may have a concussion.
    Either way i don't think smoking weed would have an impact on a concussion.  
  4. Don't smoke if you think you're concussed. I've had many concussions to this day, and smoking causes them to last longer depending on how you use the smoke. Smoking indicas to help you fall asleep at night can be good for you, but blazing sativas all day will RUIN your head and it will be unable to heal properly.

    Just set your weed aside until you feel better, rather than chancing it and regretting it later on.

    I know this from personal experience, which is why I clicked on this thread.

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  5. People have told me not to go to sleep with a bump on the head. But i'll bet the CBD content in weed will ease the headache a bit! I'd smoke it.
  6. Cannabis is a neuroprotectant so if anything it would help protect your brain and help reduce your pain. Id seek out the opinion of a doctor too.

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  7. Thanks for all the replies guys, i use cannabis as a sleep aid and stress reliever. So I medicated last night and I've seen no harmful effect since, more so it really helped me fall asleep and stay asleep for a good 10 hours. Also yes I was diagnosed with a mild concussion

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  8. you are right, it really did help my headache a good bit

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  9. I had a pretty bad one last spring. At first I didn't know what year it was and could not spell 4 letter words. I researched smoking weed and all I found was unsure and conflicting answers.

    Anyways two days after I hit my head I wanted to get high real bad. I was dry so I rolled a joint with a mix of kief and tobacco from a cigarette. BAD IDEA. I got really really dizzy with a terrible headache and anxiety.

    So the next day I had to find out if it was the weed or tobacco. Wrapped up some more keif in a rolling paper and hit that. My concussion immediately felt better and it helped a lot. So you are definitely good

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