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concetrate vs concentrate?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by abba560, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Can anyone give me a quick breakdown or link to someplace that discusses this more fully.

    As a very old hippy I clearly recall sitting around passing the stogie and talking about the day legalization finally arrived. Now that it is here I find myself living too far away to make it an easy trip to Denver to play with this wonderful new industry. I did manage a trip out there last Xmas for a couple of weeks but with the incredible boon of new products now cementing themselves around our “Forever Love” plant… it gets a bit confusing to all of us old heads.

    I am aware that a significant part of the buzz from smoking plant material comes from other parts of the plant, not solely the THC level. But when you are smoking concentrate….if I understand it correctly, you have pretty much removed everything with exception of the THC. On my last visit there, I purchased a gram of wax and a gram of shatter. Friends I was with purchased various other forms of concentrate. It was all very good and we stayed thoroughly wasted for the couple of weeks we were there.
    But I was unable to really distinguish much between the type of buzz from one type of concentrate to the other.

    1. Is this just because isolating the plant’s basic “getting high ingredients”, also creates a more generic buzz no matter what form of concentrate you are smoking?

    2. Is there any real difference other than straight THC level to the various forms of concentrate?

    3. Are there considered higher quality brand names of some concentrates over others?
    I am planning another trip to Denver soon and I am considering just sticking primarily to high quality bud rather than buying the more expensive concentrates.
  2. Hey there, Let me try to answer your questions a bit.

    1) The high from different well made concentrates will often be similar unless it is a Sativa vs Indica. Concentrates can differ in high based on the way they were extracted whether it is BHO, CO2 extracted or live resin.
    2) To me, the main difference in concentrates is the way they were extracted and the tastes. Tastes for concentrates vary pretty widely and are often a big reason people like concentrates for the "terps" or terpenes. Other than that is is a difference in consistency, budder will be a soft buttery consistency, crumble will be like crumly little balls of wax, shatter will snap like glass, and rosin will be relatively soft and sticky but the taste is out of this world.
    3) There definitely are better and worse brands of concentrates, although I can't give you a huge amount of info on which ones are the best as I too am in a non-legal state.

    Hope that helps a little.

    Enjoy your trip back to Denver it is such a fun time there, and if you don't have a rig there to smoke the concentrates out of, I would just stick to bud personally. Concentrates really shine when you have a rig and can take dabs.

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