Discussion in 'General' started by SkeevyStoner, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Got back from a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert a while ago. It was so much fun. I saw this dude there wearing a pink floyd shirt and we could both tell we "shared common interests." We shared some herb and it was wonderful. I just felt so good. Anyone else really enjoy concerts stoned?
  2. Haha, sounds like a nice time.

    Yeah, concerts are awesome when you're baked. Do it all the time : - D. Was most recently at a Phish concert. Outta hand shit : ) .
  3. Always!!!!!!
    I usually roll a j, pay for the ticket or the cc, then go a lil walk round the block 'n smoke. Best stoned concert: St. Germain, 2 years ago. They play good, groovy stonerfriendly music.
  4. i've never been anywhere not high. strange that. the best was "sars-stock" in Tornoto last summer. everyone was blazing
  5. I love St. Germain. I would kill another human being if it meant getting to go to one of his concerts.
  6. i recently got thrown out of a concert fror smoking a J, 1/2 way into "The Music's" first song............

    best part is, i wasn't smoking anything, i didn't even have papers, or weed nor a lighter, the last i touched was before i got on the train to go to the concert...........i'll spare you's the language that the bouncers received, and the police outside for not getting me a refund..........seemingly i was "puffing away"..........and they viewed it from the balcony i don't laugh about it, i'll out.............Sid

  7. Sars-stock fuckn ruled! I didnt care much for the first bunch of bands but the end of it was amazing. The Guess Who, Rush, ACDC and the Rolling Stones were awesome. Especially ACDC, they were the highlight of the night. Haha, I snuck in this tin full of joints for me and my buddies. We had a half-ounce rolled up in a bunch of joints/blunts.

    It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, smoked so many joints with people I met there, it was great.

  8. we'll always be prosecuted...:(, good luck on other concerts tho sid!
  9. i love the music, hella trippy. ii like to play their shit on guitar its kind of funky. we were just at an Opeth concert in SF and smoked like 3 bowls on teh way and a joint there, so much fun. opeth is the best band ever, you should relaly check them out. i went to an Eagles concert last year also, hella old people smoking it was awesome that was before i smoked though haha.
  10. i smoked a joint with some fool at a rollins band concert

  11. should try some Franz Ferdinand, brilliant........Peace out..........Sid
  12. Yah...nice band. I was surprized they didn'r have a bass player on stage. But the percussion guy was wicked. I don't know where he got the energy to bang heavily at all he had for 2 hours...
  13. I'm going to see Pearl Jam in September! :D
  14. yeah i saw Cypress Hill

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