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  1. So .. all u guys .. whats it like? (compared to adderal) [and i cant tell u mg till tommrow afternoon, the ones im gettin that is.]

    1$ a pill (kids perscribed.. and hates it) ..

    (phwe mom came in .. and i was jsu smokin [very stealth..] but stil lwas a lil nervous.. safe to say were good!)

    lol my moms got the tinest dent in her car .. and she brings it in and is like how much to fix and the guys like mam i cant charge u for this bring it in tonight ill fix it tommrow.. and im like why owuld he do that free? and shes like he probly thinks im cute..

    (shes gross guys no milf..)

    ROFL so .. im makin hotpocket.. mom comes in talks to me .. im high and on adderal .. and shes like take a look at the tv its not workin so i try to fix it.. get frustated and go upstairs and forgot about the FUCKIN HOTPOCKET GOD DAMNIT!!

    Okay so.. do simetwins have diffrent names? or just one person?.. (i assume 2 dif names but..)
  2. i knjow that concerta isnt that strong..i dont know though just buy one and pop it..find out wont hurt
  3. lol... you type like your on an upper haha. And concerta is bunk... don't waste time or money on that shit.
  4. heh took some adderals today =D snorted a 30 .. now adderals wehre its at .. waht im wondering in compaerson mg wise what will concerta take to feel like 30 mg of adderal (which doesnt even fell that great jsut really awake..)
  5. man i had a friend givin me 10 20 adderal for free..i would stay up for weeks at a time..tweaking
  6. Yeh, I did my experiment last week, 75mg over 2 days, it was fun, but im not expecting to do it again. The wierd thing is I didnt get into that "zone" that ppl get, where they just devote enormous amounts of work to one activity, I was pretty lazy but i felt good.
  7. i did 90 in a day.. oh man that zone hit me so hard (just ate the beads) .. for 2 hrs i was just MmmMmmmMmm
  8. shit i do i would rearrange my WHOLE house mop the floors
  9. gettin another 60mg [adderal] today =D last night was fun playing WOW all night.. crashed off the high at like 2..

    so hows concerta compared to adderal tho?

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