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  1. I have some concerta that i found in my house and i was wondering if they have any recreational value.
  2. it depends on the dosage, my bro is on concerta and i only take it when i want to feel jacked up like im on adderal. concerta is sorta powerful, pretty much no recreational use for it though. doesnt do anything that adderall doesnt
  3. I never tried any kind of drug like concerta adderall or nothin like that, i have the 54mg ones and i have a lot of them. think its worth a try?
  4. also is there any way to make the concerta to where it isn't time released? like break it up or what?
  5. I used to soak the pills in water and rub off the slick outer coating. I'd then just break it open and down them. There's no real need to insufflate, the binders they use gunk up the sinuses and it never seemed to enhanced the effects. Its not speed but you definitely feel more amped.
  6. one or two 54mg concerta will be fun for ur first time, eat it before school
  7. 108mgs is pretty fucking straight. 54 alone is pretty good for a first timer.
  8. ok so im suppose to soak it in water til the pink coating or whatever color it is wears off?
  9. ok, what you want to do (trust me, it works, legit.) is get plyers, and crush the pill, it will be pretty damn hard. Then when its crushed up good, (like a jagged squished pill) try to swallow it. You know its crushed enough when you can see the white insides coming out a little. Swallow 2 and have a blast.
  10. for my first time doing any kind of upper do you think 2 is too much?
  11. I think 2, is fine. Since you're eating them. If you want, just take one, you will still feel it.
    If you get methlyphenidate pills, like just pressed, no time release, 30mg gets me fucked. Eating dosent do jack shit untill you're at like 50-100mg.
  12. im wanting to take 2 before school tomorrow, will it be easy to hide te fact that im ampin or would it be better to wait til after school.
  13. You can hide it, no problem. You might sweat like a pig though, so try 1 first.
  14. i did 3 54mg's without a tollerance, what a ride.

    do 50mg's+ and don't expect to sleep for 14 hours
  15. they have a 12 hour time release on them. i use to take 1 or 2 before work when i knew i had lots of shit to do. they make time go by soooo fast.
  16. yo i wouldn't fucking be recommending someone who's never done a stimulant to chew 2 54mg concertas, especially before school! I chewed 2 36mg pills my first time on an empty stomach and half way through my essay had to stop and check my heartbeat, which ended up at 158/ min. VERY UNSAFE.

    Hopefully he hasn't chewed 108mg yet, and if you haven't go for 54mg your first time dude, trust me.
  17. On a run i got it almost to 200bpm. SCARY.
  18. i forgot to mention that i have a lil bit of adhd not real severe its kinda like i grew out of it it used to effect me but not no more so i took adhd medicine from age 11-14 or so does that mean i maybe have a natural tolerance or something?

    anyways i squished them with the pliers before school this morning and took them and i wasn't goin out of control or nothin i pretty much just had the best day of school all year lol....i was just basically happy all day nothing worried me nothing bothered me and i had a boost of confidence i felt like superman lol..... it was a pretty good experiance overall......starting to get hungry lol i havent ate nothing all day cuz i wasn't even hungry.

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