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  1. does concerta make u feel like aderral....whats the best why to take it too? im not snorting it!
  2. Never tried it, but most people disagree on this.

    Some people say the feeling can't touch adderall and some say its better. All in all, I think it basically makes you feel nearly the same. Medically, they are used for the same thing basically.

    And as for taking it, if you don't want to snort them just eat 'em. Well swallow them. Some people say chewing gets the job done, but I am always scared I can lose something by chewing. An hours wait isn't too long if you take them orally.
  3. Concerta sucks. They're in plastic capsules (notice they are very hard) and have a small hole at the end (you can see that too) that the medicine is released through via time release. You could try taking a lot but personally I'd rather Adderall, or even Ritalin.
  4. well the higher dose ones are okay. methylphendidate is actually considered an amphetamine believe it or not. whenever i come across them & turn a few people on about half of them say they get off on them. They get the job done for me but theres alot more spacey, very focused feelings that i dont get from Addies.

    btw--- someone told me that they are going to stop making Adderall as it is but continue selling whats left. any truth to that?

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