Discussion in 'General' started by nbbd1375, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I just got prescribed concerta.From what I know its a name brand of ritalin.Can I get fucked up from them?
  2. I suggest, if you were prescribed a drug, take the doctors orders and dont worry about being or getting "fucked up"
  3. I take concerta too, just recently got put on it, i used to be on ritilian.... concerta is almost impossible to use like addies (the high that is) but if you need to have a hard core study session, its safe to take twice or triple the amount your presriped (depending on your dosage), if you really want to try and use them for the high, you'd have to strip off the time realse thing around it, but I don't think its a good idea.
  4. I heard that if you snort them then you could get fucked up?

    If you can get high off them,then im not going to abuse them.
  5. never snorted them... snorted coke once, last time i snort anything, it just sucks if you ask me.
  6. Two of my buddies have ADD, one takes Concerta, and the other takes a similar product, called Adderal (spelling?). Anyways, it just keeps you real focused. They both claim that if they take their dosage, then smoke right after, it keeps you high longer. I've borrowed a pill and then smoked afterwards, and it keeps you extremely focused. I just sat around listening real carefully to music and did school work.
  7. concerta's time-release system is an osmodic pump, so it doesn't work very well for getting high. But, if you were perscribed it, just stick to your dose and get high off weed.
  8. The best advice is don't f*ck with prescription medicines. If they don't f*ck you up immediately, they may f*ck you up in the future. Does anyone remember hearing anything about those thalydimyde (sp?) babies back in the 50's or 60's?
  9. yes you can. but they are a BITCH to get open, so i wouldnt try it anywhere in public. i just prefer adderal, especially in high doses...........gotta love a.d.d.
  10. man, one time my best friend handed me one of those concertas and said, you want to see why I hate these things? I took it and man I felt like shit...


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