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Concerta recreationally?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by suburbantoker, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Can you crush em up and snort them like you do ritalin?

    I'd be taking them for studying help.
  2. Yea I believe ritalin and concerta are the exact chemical "methylpheniate."

    So should be good. I love that shit for all night cram seshes! :D

  3. I do not believe you can crush concerta. It comes in a different kind of pill mixed with a coating of some kind. You can, but not effectively.
  4. I have concerta 54mg (highest dose) an all i can say is no you cant really snort it, its really hard to grind it up perfectly to snort, the outer shell and stuff also has ritilan in it, i usually just crush them then swallow them. I hate them still though, its terrible, but i am really drunk and NEED TO SLEEP now, its like 3:30 (after walking in freezing cold for half an hour) and i have homework tomorrow....
  5. if you crush it and nort it make sure you cut off the outer shell and take away the brown and the pink parts cause you those are fillers and gross shit just snort the white part
  6. I've snorted Concerta...it is just like Adderoll basically, just a bit different.
  7. I've tried before man, it's very uh.. Very painful, in my experience, but I did it long, long ago, so.. If I were you, I'd try to either get some adderall, or just parachute a couple of these, if they're working for you. In my experience, parachuting a pill that would be unwise to snort is usually better than swallowing/trying to snort it :D

    Oh, and, forgot to mention, all Concerta is, is Ritalin XR, so, again, I'd crush them up to the best of your abilities, wrap them in some toilet paper, and bombs away...

    Concerta is a weaker, "mild stimulant", barely even an analogue of amphetamine. Adderall is pure amphetamine salt. Bit of a difference there. Erowid is your friend, bro.
  8. I wouldn't snort it, it has all kinds of binders and stuff and when it gets in your nose has the consistancy of glue. There's one section by the laser cut hole (this is the smallest section) that is the immediate release. The middle section is the timed release, and the brown/grey section is a filler that expands to push the active drugs out through the laser cut hole. I would just break it up with pliers and swallow the first two sections.

    EDIT: And recreationally means for fun, which concerta is not.
  9. You can snort conceta but its not too nice. Concerta has a think time release on it that is hard as fuck to crush up. Just chop the pills in half and take them.
  10. Peel the plastic coating off the Concerta and chop it up into little pieces. It's like speed. Well, 54 mgs is. Feels great while it lasts. Feels like death when you crash.
  11. yea u can, use a razor and take off the outer coating: easiest to cut around the top and bottom like right where it starts to curve to take off those parts and then split it up the side and remove coat. It should feel kinda like an eggshell theres methlyphenidate in that part so u might wana just take it with water. next u gota use the razor again and take off the plastic/waxyish layer around the whole inner tablet, just slice it where the white portion ends to remove the useless grey part and then cut and peel off the layer carefully, if u use the same cut pattern as before it usually peels off fine, then have fun crushing this shit up for like 10 mins, easiest is to cut it into little discs and then crush those from the top if that makes sense
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