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  1. alright, so a couple of friends and I stayed up all night friday night outside in the cold at a place that sells tickets for concerts that are going to be held there, at that venue. Well the band playing there is Red Hot Chili Peppers and my friends and I are pretty die hard fans of theirs. So we stay up all night so we can be first in line to get tickets for the show. We figured that all the best seats would be taken already by people in the fan club cuz of the presale. The finally opened and started selling tickets, and we were the first in line. We got up there and just asked for the best seats that they still had available. We were getting four tickets. The guy said, "well, I've got F2 row A." and we freaked out. Those are the very very VERY best seats in the house and we fuckin got them. We were sooooooo stoked and the concert isn't till October but we don't care, we have badass seats! Just thought some of you'd appreciate that.

    Oh, and what do you all think of Stadium Arcadium? (their newest album)
  2. If my estimates are correct, you'll be seeing them with The Mars Volta.

    Strap in, bitch.

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