concerns about ak48 grow i will be doing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dulcetcalamity, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. i just got my seeds from the doc today i started germinating them but ive been reading up on the strain and it seems that it is a very stinky one. i will be growing indoors most likely in a cardboard grow box. i cannot let the smell escape my room how do i prevent that? whats a low priced but efficient carbon filter thingy? somewhere along the lines of 100 or less. also once the seeds germinate can i plant them lets say like in a big pot or must i start in a small one?
  2. Carbon filters are good. Do a search here on the city to find good ones. There is even a thread on how to make a cheap one yourself. Start in a small pot. I start in an 8" pot. Some start in a cup. Then when they are about 8 inches tall I will move to the 2 gallon pot. If you start in a small cup you will of course have to transplant sooner.
  3. i was asking about starting in a big pot so that way I wouldnt have to transplant as this is my first grow and new to this im worried about damaging the plant once i try to transplant.
  4. I would make my own filter. Also i wouldnt use cardboard because 1 spark and that stuff will go up in flames. I would go with a rubbermaid or something simular if you need a small space because they are plastic, can stand more heat, and are stronger. Just a suggestion tho. Also, what type of lights are you planning on using?

  5. Like I said, start in a smaller pot and work your way up. Start numerous plants so that if you screw up and one dies, you have others. Transplanting is an unavoidable thing when growing. Practice makes perfect and if you screw up you will know what to do next time. I think you should start off in an 8" pot as opposed to a small cup for two reasons (1) one less transplanting you need to do and (2) if you start off in a small cup you will need to transplant when the plant is still very young and delicate. If you do the 8" pot you won't have to transplant the thing until it is around a foot tall and at that point, the plant is pretty strong and more difficult to damage when transplanting.

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