Concerning my Roor little sista

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  1. Hey guys, so I purchased a Roor little sista icemaster (and diffuser) 3.2, 14.5 from edit, and I was wondering. Firstly will it be a smooth smoke and is an ash-catcher essential?

  2. it will be an ok hit for a tube. better downstems can make it smoother, and an ash catcher can too. No they aren't essential, they just help cool the smoke and keep your tube clean. If you want a much smoother hit get a great A/C for it, if you want somewhat smoother get a new downstem. If you like the hit as it is then you don't need anything extra. Just try it when you get it and go from there.
    Enjoy it
  3. Can you recommend a perc system?

  4. Yeah, depends on price ranges. My favorite A/C are gridded showerhead types so far, but those are pricy. I tend to prefer gridded over non on any perk, and I like showerheads more than inlines, and inlines more than tree perks.

    A lot of it is personal preference. With showerheads more slits is usually better, same with inlines, and with trees more arms is better. Also most people prefer having a hole in the bottom of each tree (helps with drag) and having each tree reinforced. (they tend to be fragile, and if one breaks the whole thing is broken)
    Assuming you want the most diffusion possible more grids is always better, if you can find a gridded piece.
    Thats all my personal preferences, and that covers the most common types of A/C's and perks. If you have any specific questions about them I can probably help out. They all have their ups and downs, and mostly it comes down to what you like most.

  5. This pretty much sums it up
  6. Go for it, i have a blue label roor, got an alex k showerhead and it hits great now.
  7. The Roor lil sista 3.2 is my daily piece and I have tons of different add ons....keep in mind the piece is a beaker and not super heavy so any regular size ashcatcher will make It top heavy....I have a Wildrok inline ashcatcher, a ehle pillbottle style single stem, and a molino small ashcatcher 1 piece...the molino is the only one that is not too big or too heavy for the lil sista.

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