Concerned About Slow Growth, 3 Weeks In

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    Okay so I understand that there are many factors i havnt exactly optimized as im using regular all purpose soil and i like in the uk, however the strain i purchased supposedly can withstand very low temperature. Im on week 3 today and my plants are only beginning to grow their second set of cannabis shaped leaves from its centre. Temperature here are only currently at an average of 16 degrees celcius with cloudy skys, do you think its just the lack of sun or could i be doing anything wrong?
  2. Is it an auto or photo strain?
  3. Photoperiod flowering, due to flower in august- september i believve, i just dont want 3 months to have passed and im left with 2 plants flowering at 1ft tall
  4. I dunno man but if its only on its second set of leaves it is for sure behind. There's probably not much you can do but ride it out. If they are still alive then id let em go. If you have mote seeds start some more. I was wondering if it was autos because they are slow a lot of times photos should have 2 sets of leaves in less than a week after sprouting typically. No way its just lack of sun thou even on cloudy days its gotta be brighter than small cfls.
  5. Have u checked the ph of your soil? That could slow them down alot.
  6. may be having some trouble making root. what are you growing in? (pot, barrel, ground, etc..) how tightly packed is your soil? roots need room to spread and also need air. any pics?
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    No i havnt, i will buy a ph tester soon
    Ive dug a hole in the ground and placed the soil in it there,so i would assume if it did outgrow the soil i have used it would just use the earth around it? But atfirst the soil was very lose and crubmly, ive noticed of the 3 week of watering it seems to have made it very pakt. The second plant is in a pot in perlite and is doing slightly better
  8. If you are using native soil, u need to amend it first with peatmoss, perlite and earth worm castings.
  9. Im using my own soil but if it the roots were to go that deep im saying it wouldnt be a problem i dont think. I think PH may be the issue, i cant see anything wrong with what im doing except for possible the soil has become too compressed. Does it matter that im using tap water? I havnt been letting it sit out for 24 hours iether
  10. without adding aeration to the soil, you plant will have a hard time surviving. tap water is ok i guess if your not growing organic, but i wouldnt use it.
  11. What will resolve ph level? Im thinking ill just transplant the plant (because i was going to anyway), into a larger soil hole with perlite and if i can get it peatmoss?
  12. depends on how your ph is, normally a little dolomite lime will fix your ph problem right up. Perlite is a must if your using native soil, and i like to use peat moss for help store some water.
  13. Okay thanks, ive purchased some more perlite online anyway and ill try and get the ph sorted. Of the 6 seeds i had im down to 2 plants, i was thinking about buying one dutch passion - passion 1# , is this a good strain for my climate etc?
  14. sry i dont know the answer to your strain question. Did u try to look it up on the breeders site? they normally tell u. You can also try searching your lat/long with your strain to find out.
  15. Its fine man
    if youve transplanted it at all it take a while to recover
    also the cold weather in uk is slowing growth to almost zero, give it 3 more weeks and youll be suprised
  16. Okay thanks, hopefully when the weather picks up and with nutes when its ready hopefully it will shoot up. Ive purchased a ph tester any how just to check :)
  17. it's certainly the lack of perlite as Tweaks wrote
    with no perlite, the roots can't breathe so the plants are stunted
    also sun is vital but the lack of it won't stunt a plant
    also for seedlings, the mix should have very light nutrients
    easy seedling soil mix
    50%peat moss
    1 cup dolomite lime per 20 gallons peat moss
    30% perlite
    20% worm castings
    This will be all a mj plant (and most seasonal greens) needs for months
    I shift to a stronger mix fter 1 month (I add horse manure, kelp, guano)
    Don't bother with the pH
  18. There is also substitues for perlite - rice hulls, pumice, red lava rocks, vermiculite, small pieces of bark, and many others.
  19. I tried to transplant the plant from native soil yesterday but i couldnt dig it up without the soil just breaking apart, any suggestions?

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