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  1. Hello all, I have a few questions. First, my set up. I'm growing one fem'd Power Kush in 10gal bubblers. I have a 3x3x7 tent with a 400w air cooled hood. Running a 534cfm extraction fan. Lights are 19" above tops of seedling. Temps holding at 80. Lights on 24/7. My problem is low humidity. I'm at 30-40%. Looking for ways to increase this range. I put a pot of water by my intake and I have a wet towel hanging in the tent. Extraction fan at its lowest setting. Nothing seems to be working to increase humidity. Any ideas? And secondly, here are a few pics, the seedling is about 2" yall with only one set of true leaves. The true leaves have a slight light green tint to them. I hope you can see in the pics. She looks tall, should I pull her and bury her deeper in the hydroton? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you all.
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    Shes doing fine. Your humidity ranges are perfectly acceptable as well, don't sweat it. Just keep an eye on your rockwool and make sure it doesn't dry out too much.
    Once the roots hit the free standing water at the bottom of your pot, low humidity actually becomes advantageous. It encourages more rapid transpiration, which in turn encourages more water/nutrient uptake. This obviously isn't beneficial in systems where the roots don't have access to free standing water, but for those who do, feel free to ramp it down. Get those girls chugging, it's good for them.
    There's no need to bury her deeper into the hydroton. That's counterproductive, and serves no purpose. You want to give her as much room for root expansion as possible.
    EDIT: She is stretching a bit. Might want to consider lowering the lights.
  3. I had 15-25% RH for most of my last grow, without a humidifier that might get even lower in the winter.
  4. what are you using for the soil...look like macadamia nuts, Just curious haven't seen that before. 
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was concerned with the low RH because everything I read said low humidity causes the stomata to close and stunt her growth. I haven't seen any new growth in a while. So you say I need a gap between my pot and water? I have my water level barely touching my net pot now. 19" is as close as I can get. Maybe I'll put my bucket on some books to get her closer. Thanks again.

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  6. You ran like that the entire grow? No problems, like spider mites, slow growth etc?

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    I grow dwc. Second grow actually. No soil, that's hydroton you see. Lol

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  7. aahh ok.....Feel good today knowing that you have taught some one a new thing :)
  8. Outstanding,

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  9. I don't think spider mites exist here, and if they do I've never seen one. I had massive buds after 7 weeks of flower this grow.
  10. really!! Dude, I totally didn't know that. Just going off what I've read. My experience consists of one previous dwc grow. I ran a super lemon haze. Same set up as i have now just tweaked a bit. I had good moments and bad ones. She started off great, then I let her get too tall and the stretch killed me. I grew some mids bro. Lol. But I made it to harvest, that was great. So any ideas on the light green leaves?

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  11. How do you add someone, like a "friend" request or something?

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  12. [​IMG]

    Good ph chart
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    With extremely low humidity levels such as 0-10%, yes, it can become detrimental. But you are golden at 30-40%.
    No, there's not need for any gap. Just as long as the roots are able to freely 'dip their feet,' so to speak, in the water.
    Like I said, lower humidity values increase transpiration. I know this may seem at odds with the fact that low humidity can cause stomatal closing, but it's not (unless of course the humidity values are extremely low, as I said earlier). Keep in mind humidity is not the only aspect that regulates stomatal opening/closing. Air flow, light intensity, and, what most people have no idea about, the saturation level of your growing medium. Having an overly dry medium causes the release of abscisic acid, which results in further stomatal closing. That's why I advised you keep an eye on the saturation level of your rockwool, at least until the roots explore the hydroton some more. After that it really doesn't matter, as the rockwool is merely an intermediary.
  14. 400w is overkill for those seedlings as is 24 hour light imho.

    Whoever said to lower them is right, but id use a smaller wattage if possible. Youre really wasting money with foliage that small and a large light imo
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    Great. I was really going crazy over this humidity. I woke up this morning pricing humidifiers. You really put me at ease.
    As far as me keeping they RW from drying out, I don't have a drip ring, so how would you suggest I do that? Pour some red water over it every so often? If so, when abs how much? Ball park of course. Sorry to be a pain with the noob questions but, I am. Lol o have high hopes for this grow so I want to do everything right.

    Sorry, not "red" water of course.
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    Yah, just take some of your soup and pour it on the rockwool. Like I said, you won't have to do this for long, as once the roots properly explore the hydroton, the rockwool becomes of little concern. Just make sure it doesn't start growing algae and you are good to go.
    I am an enormous fan of hydroton. I was hooked from the very first time I used it. So simple, and so efficient. It's amazing.
    EDIT: Sorry, ignored your question completely. It really doesn't matter how much you use, just as long as it's enough to properly saturate the cube. You don't want it constantly soaking wet, but you don't want it dry as a bone either.
  17. Man, that's all I have. I have one grow bright cfl. Not sure the wattage. No reflector, just a plug in bulb. I know that won't be enough. Right? My ballast doesn't doesn't dim.

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  18. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do i guess. At that age i usually have them in a window seal but not possible in dwc. Just lower your light a bit and keep an eye on em or start low stress training, which will put good use to that stretched stem :smoke:
    Careful ya dont burn em up!
  19. I was going to try and mainline this girl. Is it too early to bend her over, and will that affect my "mainline" training?

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  20. If youre gonna mainline then it can have a different effect than what your after.

    My preferred method is to lst fully

    As you can see in my pic above (which i use quite often to explain stem training) the stem is growing under and around the pot, forcing all side branches to become tops.

    Mainlining isnt for me. The stress and healing times required to create multiple tops are illogical from my point of view. However if this is your desired end goal do not take offense at my opinion or preference, as it applies to me and not to you.

    Low stress training achieves the same as topping without having to cut the plant, cause unnecessary stress, etc. hormone manipulation occurs via gravity. All limbs continue to grow without stress or any stunting.

    So if you want to do mainlining, you might want to wait, but i personally do not like that stretch and my method of dealing with it is in the pic above :smoke:

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