Conceptually trippy movies

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  1. What are some trippy movies that you've seen? I'm talking about movies that are trippy conceptually and not particularly visually. I'll start...

    - The Matrix
    - The Thirteenth Floor
    - Jacob's Ladder
  2. waking life
    2001 a space odyssey
    Fight Club (in a very different sense)
    The fountain
    Yellow Submarine

    just too list a few
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    most any quentin tarantino movie (pulp fiction, inglorious bastards, kill bill 1 & 2)

    I hear requiem for a dream is awesome but I still haven"t seen it

    if you want to get the shit scared out of you watch "the strangers" baked off your ass (if you have a paranoia problem this isnt a good idea)

    I really dont like to watch "stoner" movies stoned because the actors who cant pull off being "high" accurately piss me off.

    Balls of Fury is hilarious (christopher walken rules)

  4. I was going to say Waking Life but someone already said it. I guess i've gotta mention a japanese flick called "Battle Royale"

    The book is much better and explains the themes a lot more but the movie is pretty good too. That is if ur into foreign flicks.

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