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  1. I've always thought the concept of not existing was mindblowing. Let's say you die, and (this is not my actual belief but bear with me) nothing happens. You just cease to exist.
    Try and imagine that. Its quite impossible really.
    What would you see? You couldn't just see darkness, because darkness is still a thing. You would lose all sense of everything, because you don't exist anymore. You can't physically wrap your mind around the concept of your non-existence haha.

    Anyone else have some thoughts that fuck with your mind like that?
    This might make no sense at all, but whatever :smoke:
    Peace and love GC <3
  2. Babies. White stuff + blood (not technically obviously) x 9 months = baby. Just the thought of something being created and developing into a living creature inside a woman blows my mind. Thats nuts.

  3. Mate do you remember when you sleep? No. It will be same as sleeping. I know its hard to live with it but its true. We have to live and die. It doesnt care if we die, yes we will die, it doesnt care even when we will die, its about what you do between when you born and when you die. I know I cry also when I think about death but you have to live with it.
  4. Counting through numbers used to get me, like if you count from 1 to 5 you say 5 numbers but in reality there's only 4 numbers difference. Surprisingly this came from when I was little, not high. I must have been a stupid ass kid.
  5. Try to imagine something fourh dimensional that blows my mind like wtf would it look like.
  6. Try to imagine a color that doesn't exist.

    Keep trying.....

    You gave up, didn't you?
  7. Try to imagine a cats penis without a foreskin on it.
  8. this post made me think:

    "...your material existence, your existence in the sense that the atoms that make you never cease to exist, just go on to be a part of something else...."

    and i also thought...

    "...we do not know scientifically what happens to our consciousness when our atomic structure ceases to exist..."


    "...wasnt there an experiment-i think during or around the renaissance-of a guy who waited next to dying people all the time and just when it was apparent that the sick person was going to die, this dude would weigh the sick person (like maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes before dying) and then like weigh them again 5-10 minutes after death.....and if i recall correctly the differential between the two weighings always came out at a standard number or something....AS IN THE WEIGHED THING ARGUED TO BE THE "SOUL" OR WHATEVER ITS CLASSIFIED AS HAD PHYSICAL WEIGHT so i was naturally like wtf because does that mean our consciousness, or soul or whatever has physical weight to it?...then i went on to think if that is the case, then our conscious, or soul or whatever would continue to exist but i couldnt say whether in former form or dissipated like the atoms that made up our physical body mass-our "normal" body without this other weight of our consciou, soul whatever that this guy kept weighing..."
  9. Man, im gonna have to check out the Philosophy section more often. i always get these wierd ass concepts and theories in my mind when im high as fuck
  10. Evolution of human language. So much can happen linguistically in a thousand years, a hundred even. Although as more things change, the more things seem to stay the same. Take a look. (40 total lines of both translations - tldr beware!)

    Beowulf written circa 1000 CE

    Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum,
    þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,
    hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.
    Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum,


    monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah,
    egsode eorlas. Syððan ærest wearð
    feasceaft funden, he þæs frofre gebad,
    weox under wolcnum, weorðmyndum þah,
    oðþæt him æghwylc þara ymbsittendra


    ofer hronrade hyran scolde,
    gomban gyldan. þæt wæs god cyning!
    ðæm eafera wæs æfter cenned,
    geong in geardum, þone god sende
    folce to frofre; fyrenðearfe ongeat


    þe hie ær drugon aldorlease
    lange hwile. Him þæs liffrea,
    wuldres wealdend, woroldare forgeaf;
    Beowulf wæs breme (blæd wide sprang),
    Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in.

    Modern translation

    LO, praise of the prowess of people-kings
    of spear-armed Danes, in days long sped,
    we have heard, and what honor the athelings won!
    Oft Scyld the Scefing from squadroned foes,


    from many a tribe, the mead-bench tore,
    awing the earls. Since erst he lay
    friendless, a foundling, fate repaid him:
    for he waxed under welkin, in wealth he throve,
    till before him the folk, both far and near,


    who house by the whale-path, heard his mandate,
    gave him gifts: a good king he!
    To him an heir was afterward born,
    a son in his halls, whom heaven sent
    to favor the folk, feeling their woe


    that erst they had lacked an earl for leader
    so long a while; the Lord endowed him,
    the Wielder of Wonder, with world's renown.
    Famed was this Beowulf:1 far flew the boast of him,
    son of Scyld, in the Scandian lands.

    What fucks with me more is this:

    [ame=""]Ace Ventura - Slinky Scene - YouTube[/ame]

  11. Your question is invalid, you cant imagine colour which doesnt exists, because that colour doesnt exists.
  12. This one still blows my mind. What if we are born, all seeing different colors. If everyone in the world being told "This is blue, this is yellow, this is brown" but in reality they are seeing my gray,purple,orange? Nobody would ever know. Currently I see a yellow/green color on grasscity. Everyone probably thinks thats the color they see as well.. but what if it wasn't? Minddd freeaaaakkkk
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  13. Think everyones thought this at some point. It's been disproven though, we all see the same colours. Unless you're colourblind.

    One concept that fucks with me is that space, though it is "infinite", is still the only thing that exists.

    Just blackness with bits of rock & stars billions of miles away from each other.

    There is nothing else.

    I don't think I''ve explained this very well, but oh well.
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    But we don't all see different colors. Maybe possibly minor differences in shades of color but not different colors (unless you're color blind). It's a pretty easy thing to test if you don't believe me. Get 15 or 20 people together and hold up red, yellow, and blue pieces of paper and ask what color everybody sees, I guarantee everyone will say the same thing as long as they aren't color blind.

    Time is the one that really gets me. It can be finite or infinite based on how you look at it.
  15. [quote name='"4Ridgemont4"']This one still blows my mind. What if we are born, all seeing different colors. If everyone in the world being told "This is blue, this is yellow, this is brown" but in reality they are seeing my gray,purple,orange? Nobody would ever know. Currently I see a yellow/green color on grasscity. Everyone probably thinks thats the color they see as well.. but what if it wasn't? Minddd freeaaaakkkk[/quote]

    I freak out about the same thing. And there is no way to prove that what we are seeing is all the same unless we litteraly look around with someone elses eyes. Its impossible to know what they percieve each color as. Like what I see as blue could be what another guy sees as orange.
  16. Time is rather mind blowing. I mean if you go out if the atmosphere time will slow down and if your by an object with even more mass it will slow even more

  17. Yeah they can have that colour, but what if they know that colour as this but in reality its other.
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    Time and relativity, mostly. The big bang aswell. How is so much mass created just by energy?
  19. Time, creation of the first thing ever / infinite existence, that same color thing.
  20. Space, does it end?

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