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  1. I was just thinking maybe marriage was created just to prevent sex from being free and promote it being immoral.

    I mean there is a component to having free sex within companionship.

    What do you think it would be like if marriage did not exist?
  2. with the way our population is getting out of control.. i wish it would've scared people a little more
  3. Do you think quality of life was better in let's say the Roman Empire than it is now because the population was a lot lower?
  4. Humans by nature are not monogamous. Our instincts tell us to stay with a partner til the baby is old enough to fend for itself, then we move on to another partner.
  5. Does that mean we should go around having sex like we give out handshakes? I know when I am having sex like everyday, my mood is WAY better. And no masturbation is not the same.

    Sex is so physical. I bet the brain releases certain hormones.
  6. in a sense, yes. not sure if it has anything to do with population size, tho. just more of their way of life.

    the romans fucked everything that moved.
  7. Whoa now, let's not leave out things that didn't move.
  8. Its how the man keeps us down man!
  9. Lol I was so high when I wrote this :smoke:

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