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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hash, oil, budder, wax, etc. I heard there is grey area on these products qualifying as medical marijuana. Why? They are all made from herb.
  2. Because they are made in random ppl houses, so they cannot be certain of the contents of the medicine or the potency, i think edibles fall under the same category but don't quote me on that.
  3. But flower is grown in random places and they don't require testing of the potency.
  4. Idk but they kick ass
  5. [quote name='"camram"']Hash, oil, budder, wax, etc. I heard there is grey area on these products qualifying as medical marijuana. Why? They are all made from herb.[/quote]

    Hash, oil, ect. Are considered manufactured drugs in many states. Michigan's law was worded to address this with " or any preparation there of".
  6. Ya idk for sure that's just what i heard doesn't make any sense but then again when has any gov't made any sense..
  7. You guys don't have hash in Michigan?
  8. In California at least, my understand is, that they will take it away from you as a medical user, but nothing more than that as if it went to the courts it'd be thrown out, that's why it's a grey area because nobody is willing to take someone to court over it and then more concrete stuff would be passed allowing it IE they don't want the california supreme court ruling on it at all
  9. I've always thought this was weird as well, except for maybe solvent extracted hash. But subbed to see what people have to say. :smoke:
  10. Theirs plenty of hash in michigan, i get a bit of oil whenever i pick up from my caregiver
  11. Sounds like the concentrates and edibles biz is even more shady than flower. If concentrates are illegal in Cali, why are the clubs and dispensaries still selling it?
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    They are a grey area not really illegal per say as I said. You aren't really protected the same as you would be if you had flower, they simply can't take that from you if you have a legit card yada yada, but nothing is going to happen if you have hash, the worst if they find it is they take it. The clubs are more than safe selling them, in the event that a club was taken to court over it then it would be appealed appealed appealed go to the supreme court of california and a ruling allowing concentrates the same as flowers would probably be made, which the police and whoever don't want so they don't go after it and it remains a grey area.
  13. Because they're concentrated forms of marijuana and are considered a harder drug compared to MJ. They're trying to pass a law for Canada that requires minimum 6 months jail time for possession of concentrates.
  14. Being a concentrate, they are concentrated forms of marijuana, and as said before, they're manufactured.
    They call for a much stiffer penalty than just flowers everywhere on a federal level (ya know, since none of what's legal is really legal anyways)
    I also don't think edibles grouped with concentrates as being as 'dangerous' I think they're more comparable to flowers on a legality level.
  15. I heard something similar about Amsterdam rescheduling cannabis for high THC.

    If marijuana is as harmless as all the activists make us think, why would the concentrates pose a threat?

    It's also ironic because the people who most need mmj usually use concentrates for potency.
  16. God damn I love concentrates.
  17. The gov is afraid of concentrates cuase they think 100% thc needles are next. I think they might already be here
  18. Okay, but haven't studies proven even 100% THC could not kill you. If cannabis is not hurting users and other people, government needs to lay off.
  19. From my Understand, its because they use a solvent that isnt deemed as 100% consumable by humans, so it makes the hash oils classified as "chemically modified" and thats a no-no!
  20. I was saying our medical law in Michigan does allow for concentrate and edibles by allowing any cannabis product also.

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