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Concentrates versus buds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 5kr1bbl3, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Hey blades, im not so new, but i figured this was a pretty apprentice question.
    Around where im at right now, the price for an eighth of high quality buds is right around the same price as a gram of concentrates. I usually only have enough in the budget to afford an eighth about every 2 weeks.
    My question is, how many hits could i get off a gram of high quality concentrates? I know it depends on how blazered you wanna get. Im just trying to decide if buying a gram would give me more bang for my buck over buying an eighth of buds.

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  2. You can't roll concentrates into a joint. You can't grind concentrates. You can't get kief or make hash from concentrates. I'd rather have fun with the bud.
  3. I'd personally go with the concentrates. One or two dabs will get you as high as a joint, and I find its a cleaner more cerebral high than smoking flowers. I can make a gram of BHO last 2 days, but if I'm just smoking flowers I'll smoke a 1/4oz a day and not even be as high as I want to be.
  4. Thank you both. Old school smoker for making me giggle. And THCISMYGOD for answering me straight up. an eighth lasts me about 3 to 4 days. And it just sucks ass being out for so long before i can medicate again. I mean, even if i can get a gram of concentrates to last me 5 days. Then its a success

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  5. My problem is i just can't take 1 or 2 hits. I gotta take 10 and then green the F out for 12 hours. I'll stick to flowers thank you.
  6. Respect to that man for sure! I just already vape an ecig and it would be super convenient to just be able to whip out a separate atty and get where i need to be in a jiff.

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  7. Buds provide a more well-rounded high that hits all the right notes for me. Concentrates shoot me into orbit but re-entry is fast and there always seems to be a component of the high missing. Concentrates are more of a treat than my 3 or 4-times-daily dose of buds.
  8. Haha, I'm the same way but I take 10 dabs and then go to work. And most people don't even realize I'm a stoner until I tell them.
  9. I understand that too medi! For me, most of the reason i medicate is for reasons like severe anxiety and major depressive, along with a vicious eating disorder. So as long as i get high enough to be distracted from my thoughts and get the munchies, then i am a okay. I have a arizer solo for hangovers and morning sessions, pre breakfast, nd i have noticed that i feel like there is that "component" missing, is this feeling similar? I never complain because im high as fuck.

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  10. dayum!! you either have a tolerance as high as the sears tower or you be smokin some weak shit! I take 10 hits, and its time to take a nap lol. Fuck work on 10 dabs of 80%THC shatter. I'm gonna jel the f out.
  11. My tolerance could be considered high. I used to smoke a hell of a lot more and the longest T-break I've taken in the last 3 years was 12 hours.
  12. Personally I'd prolly go with the flowers. Like old school said I enjoy smoking and 1 or 2 hits a day/dabs although I'd be high as a kite, I don't think I'd enjoy it as much. But man I've stretched a gram of high quality wax/shatter for weeks. A little dab will do ya. If you don't have a rig for the concentrates id go flowers for sure
  13. i wont have a rig perse, but i am going to purchase a new ecig here soon that has adjustable volts and even watts, for my nicotine habit, i was also going to purchase a concentrate specific atomizer. Would this still be alright? I dont want a big ass oil rig. Im looking for ease of use, stealthiness, and speed.

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  14. how is cannabis even fun for you anymore if concentrates don't ever do it
  15. Who said concentrates don't do it for me? I'm a high functioning stoner so I can go about my daily tasks as ripped as I like.
  16. 10 dabs? 1-4 dabs should do it for most people
    anything above that and your tolerance is too shot
  17. Sounds like your jeleous because I can afford to smoke as much as I like.
  18. no... im just saying its not fun when you need 10+ dabs and even then are not stoned
  19. I have quite a bit of fun. Have you ever even done a dab?
  20. i love concentrates but unfortunately they fuck with my tolerance. more then that the concentrates themselves don't have all of the psychoactive chemicals that burning the flower gives you. i suffer nausea and unfortunately concentrates don't really do much for that, at least for me anyway. flower however does. also, concentrates are not as bad as smoking flower. the burning of the flower creates carcinogens and what not. honestly, i could care less about that. i like thee smell, taste and everything associated with smoking flower. i like to roll spleefs, i like to rip bong tokes, i like the ritual surrounding the use of marijuana. :metal:

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