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Concentrates most similar to hashish?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lenny D, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. tl;dr: I'm a longtime weed smoker, recently was in Spain and got hold of some hash I presume was from Morocco, though I cannot be sure. This stuff was dark green/brown, play-do consistency, etc... now I had smoked hash a couple times before but not in 10+ years-- you just don't see it anymore in the US, at least on the East Coast. It's been pushed out by all the cheap potent Cali/Colorado flower & concentrates etc.

    I gotta say I far preferred this hash high to the weed high I've long been accustomed to: there was a mild head high, but more "wired" and "focused" instead of the "racing" head high you get with many flower strains. Also this hash was the ultimate "narcotic" body high, ultimate relaxation. As all this weed gets more potent in THC content it just makes your head spin, it's not really a more enjoyable high IMO.

    Now I'm well aware of the CBD=body high/THC=head high dichotomy. I've had CBD vaporizers and tinctures and used them in conjunction with THC pens, I've smoked high-CBD strains. But let me tell you none of these "CBD/body high" flower strains compare to the hashish body high I got in Europe.

    My theory: since most hash is made from the leaves of the plant, these parts have WAY more of the "other" cannabinoids (chiefly CBN) than really any flower out there-- especially now, since flower has been selectively bred ONLY for either/both THC/CBD content-- at the expense of all the other cannabinoids.

    There's shockingly little hard data out there on hash composition, but this study showed Moroccan hash seized in Israel averaged 7-10% THC, 3-4% CBD, and 2% CBN.... Indian hash had even more CBN. And I suspect all these hash plants were loaded up with "rare" cannabinoids and terpenes in much higher concentrations than any flower. Unfortunately they didn't test for all of them.

    The typical flower at my local dispensary OTOH is 15-30% THC, with anywhere from 0-3% CBD, and <1% (sometimes less than 0.1%) of each of all the other cannabinoids. The dispensary doesn't sell hash or hash oil, but they have all kinds of concentrates -- budder, badder, shatter, etc, most of which are 80%+ THC... I am thinking that the "sugar" concentrate might come closest to the hash high since its only ~50-60% THC, possibly leaving room for the "other" cannabinoids?

    What do you guys think? Which concentrates out there would mimic the "wired" head high + sedated body high of hashish best???

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture, RSO



    Dry Ice kief I make from what I grow comes closest as far as USA goes. Even that needs a proper dry and cure before I power shake in order for the herb to reach a proper balance. 30-60 days cure time changes the profile and takes the harsh edge off the high THC.
    I've shaken the week it was dry enough and the high is to much like the Shatter and Live Resin my neighbor dabs.
    I think what you like about the Moroccan Hash is it's aged quality. Something is missing when it's rushed from harvest to end user. I'm convinced it's time that bring the fullness of the high to the fore. THC-a and CBD-a ripens some along with the rest of the 100 odd other cannabinoids changing as well.

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