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Concentrates Addictive?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MileHighPotHead, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Then make a thread about that, because that is not at all what you asked in your OP.
    You can't just change the topic halfway through the thread because you got schooled too hard lmao. 

  2. That's great man.  Good for you. Unfortunately not everyone is like you.
    "are concentrates more addictive"  I never once said THC addiction.  
    "butane and CO2"  I thought most would assume I meant using those.  I did say the employee at the headshop didn't say stay away from weed, but stay away from concentrates.  Why would I say that if I was talking about THC? Obviously I was talking about the other 33% of the ingredients that are in CO2 and butane concentrates.  I was high when I wrote that so okay, my bad, it wasn't straight up.  But seriously? Got schooled too hard, what are we in grade school? I just wanted to get people to think about the possibility of using butane/co2 to make concentrates being unsafe.  
    I assumed it was obvious  what I was asking given the quote from the head shop employee, but whatever thanks for the help.  
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    I don't believe it has any more potential to be addictive than the flowers it comes from, and the only way in which it will be addictive is in the nature of any other activity one derives pleasure from.
    About the BHO I have no real data because I don't believe there truly is any, at least relating specifically to smoking (vaping) hash oil; but I do know that there have been studies that show the carcinogenic effects of butane to be essentially negligible; and I also know (from experience with the chemical) that butane evaporates very, very quickly. So yes, there is potential for bho to be harmful; but if it is made properly in all likelihood it is not. For how many years have stoners as a whole inhaled butane from our lighters? Never heard of adverse effects due to that, and theres studies out saying marijuana smokers have HEALTHIER lungs than non smokers. I wouldn't be too worried about it if your BHO comes from a trusted source.
    Isopropyl hash has me somewhat concerned though; no matter how well I evaporate it it still feels like its coating my throat or something bad news. It doesn't help that I was really high off it reading reports of it causing high rates of nasal sinus cancer in workers in its manufacture, as well as its carcinogenic effects. Putting that stuff in your lungs is allllllll bad; but if I could find data showing that it is a chemical that evaporates quickly and easily with no trace chemicals I probably wouldn't be scared anymore haha
  5. Sucks right? 
    JK, but I'm curious as to why this is.  Do you grow your own? Do you buy from a dispense or a dealer? I just would be interested as to why this is.
    I live in Denver, Colorado and we blaze the FUCK down.  All of my friends smoke every day all day and almost all of the people I know from college blaze the fuck down.  None have ever stated "I am addicted to weed", but many have had other addictions and admit it. Could it be because we only get ours from dispensaries? I don't know, but shit I'm not trying to breed hate.  
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    The other 33% of ingredients are also in weed. It's not something that magically pops up in the extract lmao. It's organic material from the weed.
    Thus, your question is: Is more concentrated weed more addictive than less concentrated weed?
    And yeah, this has been answered multiple times by multiple people.
  7. THC is THC, it doesn't tranform into a different chemical at a higher concentration....dude was trippin'
    I would say it isn't more addictive(if addictive at all) than smoking green would be. Now, you can easily dose a lot more THC per use with a concentrate which can result in your tolerance raising a lot high I would imagine.
  8. Is the CO2 concentrate?  Like the oil that is said the be the "purest"? If so I know what you mean about the coating bro, I took a dab of it one night and my throat literally felt 2 times bigger.  
    Also the CO2 shit didn't evaporate right away, it sizzled like sausages on sunday morning.  I don't know if I liked it man, I literally thought my throat was going to clog.  Haven't bought any since.
  9. Is there butane in weed? CO2? Does weed come in a liquid-semiliquid - wax form?  Na then man my question still hasn't been answered.  Thanks again for the random post.
  10. There should not be any butane or CO2 (obviously) in your concentrates lmao....
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    You never know.  You know the person who makes the concentrates at your dispensary?  And what about the chemicals associated to concentrates only?
    I just want to know why the employee to me to stick with flowers and steer clear of dabbing.  
    The CO2 concentrates are supposedly the purest form of concentrates, but when I dabbed with it it sizzled and then my throat fucking killed. 
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    calling it withdrawal is extremely misleading; those are not actual withdrawal symptoms resulting from your physical dependence on the drug, they are "withdrawal symptoms" resulting from your developed psychological desires for it. Sure you might experience something negative after quitting but imo grouping it in with what is more commonly thought of as withdrawal (i.e. unmentionables that are actually intrinsically addictive, and cause serious physical issues) is just ridiculous; and puts an unnecessary negative stipulation on marijuana that also imo, is sort of our duty as supporters of the herb to break down..
    naw never tired CO2 hash, only just recently heard about it, im not in a med state so things are slow for us haha. I mean hash made with actual isopropyl alcohol, like rubbing alcohol you buy at the drug store. theres tons of tutorial and discussion threads about it on this site
    If done anywhere close to the right way, there will be no butane (nor butane by products left in the oil).
    The potentiality for addiction lies in the concentrated products of the herb. Your tolerance will increase and any chance for addiction will increase.
    As you have read on these pges, some get strong withdrawas, some get little to none.
    It is what it is. :smoke:
  14. There is absolutely no way, in practice, to differentiate between the two. Your assertion that there is a difference is pulled out of thin air. 
    The way that any scientist will talk about it is a "physical withdrawal symptom," as you can see in all of those studies I linked. If it's experienced as a physical symptom, it is recorded as one. You're trying to play semantic games to skew the data. You are not using the terminology accurately. 
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    Dude not talking bout thc, the clerk was specificly talking about dabs, not weed.  So I can't think he believes THC is that addictive.
    I fucking love you man, I read all your posts on that other thread bout this same stuff and we just think the same.
    Ive never had that shit, but that CO2 hash scares me man.  My throat felt raw I couldn't even enjoy my high. 
    I'm just curious why a pot head told another pot head to not dab.
  16. So basically the guy who told me to steer clear of dabbing is just a moron?
    Cuz I have yet to get withdrawal symptoms and my tolerance is insane.  I can smoke the fuck down and do daily.  I'm not worried about that addiction, but the guy behind the counter wasn't either.  He told me to smoke weed, but not dab because "I will get addicted to that shit".
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    Well in my brain; they are experienced as very separate things. I don't see a need to suck up to every scientific article i when I know how something works for myself. If that all came off as trying to state a fact I'm sorry; everything i post is my opinion and i in no way mean to imply i have all the answers, or any observable data to back up my claims
    thanks man! :smoke:
    He's probably just a little scared of it; and its somewhat justified like I said; if the stuff is made improperly there's a good chance its not doing you lungs any good; and he probably has a friend or two who has become "addicted" to dabbing; so he's recommending people stay away from it. It is hard stuff; not for the faint of heart or mind; so I get where he's coming from even if its a bit misinformed (imo)
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    No worries
    And I'm not worried, I love my dabs and went in to buy a oil rig set up a week earlier.  I got the mind to handle that shit haha, I was just worried because he said it with such certainty.  Granted he was a 50 year old with dreads who works in a smoke shop with the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland on the side of the building.
  19. K grats. That doesn't mean you should go around telling people that they cannot ever experience physical withdrawal symptoms from weed just because you believe that all of your physical symptoms are really just in your head. That is misleading, and obviously agenda-driven.
    It's fine to love weed. It's fine to be a very strong proponent of it. It's not fine to intentionally mislead people. You guys do a disservice to our community. 
    You may not (as I stated above), but some do get a very strong withdrawal reaction. So no he wasn't a moron, he was just warning you that "some" people can and will get addicted to concentrates. :smoke:

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