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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by DerekCA, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Im looking to purchase a concentrate nail, vapor dome or globe w.e its called and i was wondering i have 18mm joints so do i get the nail and vapor dome/globe 18mm or just the glass vapor dome
  2. you might need an adaptor too. that will determine the globe size. thet have 18/18 adaptors, the also have 18/14 adaptors which are just weird. but hey they still have em. i have an 18 joint but the lhs had an awesome adaptor that color matched my piece but it was 14/14 so i wound up upgrading my downstem to an 18/14 difused and it all works just fine
  3. you should get a Ti nail also
  4. Just this^^ OP.
    All 18mm.
    And if you're willing to spend an extra $50 or so on a nail
    Ti>glass in terms of longevity.
  5. is the whole thing with the ti nail just it lasts longer?
  6. Ti lasts forever.

    I think the whole argument goes like
    Ti lasts forever.
    Glass gives the cleanest taste
    Quartz is a middle ground.

    I'd personally get Ti.
  7. i seee i see. well i guess if youre not dabbin everyday then longevity isnt the biggest issue
  8. It can still break even if its not being heated and cooling down every day.

  9. you probably want an adapter for the dome/ nail unless your piece is an oil rig with a male joint for the dome. so, you need an 18mm adapter then you will need to decipher whether you need a 45 or 90 degree adapter. after that, you're pretty much set. but i'd recommend the ti nail, works real nice.

    i saved $10 between my dome set up and nail because i got the 18/14 set up with a 14mm ti nail instead of an 18mm. so, if you wanna save a few bucks, go that route OP.

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