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concentrate cannabutter

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by medicaltoke, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. can you use concentrates such as earwax or oil to make canna-butter instead of bud? how much should i use and will it be more potent? is there a different way to cook it into the butter?
  2. yeah concentrates work great in edibles just the same as bud, only easier.

    Depending on how your concentrates were made you might have to decarboxylate it first, but if it was made correctly then all you really have to do it just melt it into the butter.

    For a lower tolerance .3-6g of dank bud is good for a single dose. For a higher tolerance its anywhere from .8-1.5g per edible.

    assuming average dank can give you a 7:1 ratio for higher end concentrates then you would use 1/7th the weight in hash per edible. so .1g for lower tolerance and .2g for higher tolerance should work for a single dose.

    Obviously this all depends on quality and type of hash and can vary greatly, but i hope this gives you a basic idea
  3. The difference is you want to cook with less butter, as to not dilute the dose, if thats what you're going for. Otherwise, it's all the same thing.
  4. i want to use either earwax hash or just some oil. will this make my edibles more potent? or just an easier way to cook it.

    and as far as taste im sure it will make it taste better also?

  5. that way you can make small little candies or truffles that knock you on your ass :D
  6. Well then. Didn't realize it was really that easy

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