Concealment or How to not get caught

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bust of Decade, Sep 18, 2002.


What is the best way to grow?

  1. indoors (elect)

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  2. Outdoors

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  3. Greenhouse

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    Bust of the Decade
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  2. Welcome to the "CITY"!! I'm on the road working, so I don't get to come to the "CITY" as often as I'd like, but there are some of the COOLEST people all over the world, that "live" here, and I'm sure you'll enjoy this site. The Webmaster (superjoint) and his staff, and Moderators do a kick-ass job!!

    Did you get busted for cultivation? :smoking:
  3. Yes, I was busted for cultivation
  4. yes welcome, and sorry about the bust, a lot of us here had to deal with that shit.

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