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Concealing Very Potent Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Scimitars of Drizzt, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I've been smoking cannabis for 5 years now, 4 years daily. In all my years of smoking I have come across many types of bud (like we all have) some schwagy outdoor, decent mids, and then that absolute fire, bomb indoor shit.

    Right now I'm puffin' on some really good bud this shit just reeks. My roomates are chill people, they all smoke too. It's just that my one buddy has his sister coming down for the week, and she is strongly against MJ and actually, she doesn't even know we smoke it,

    Anyways that's not important, my question to you is how do you cover the smell of some really bomb weed. Trust me guys, I'm not an apprentice toker, I've definitely had my times with mary jane. Here, I'll just say this: I have scented oils running in my room, have a little tealight/tealight burner setup going on, and I assault that thing with scented oils. You'd think after letting this run for 10 minutes and having my room reek of vanilla would do the trick. No man. I smoked ONE bong, held her in and blew it into a towel (just an idea a buddy of mine had, it works pretty well actually). Within about 5 minutes my room is reeking of weed. Nevermind the fucking scented oils running for 10minutes, my buddy comes in an yells at me for it smelling ike pot and that his sister is coming tomorrow.

    Now I'd blow it out the window, that's if my room had an operatable window; it is sealed shut, it won't open. Sure I smoke outside a lot too, sometimes I like to roll a joint and just go for a walk, puffin' away. But I just can't do this everytime I smoke, I smoke quite a bit a day and bongs is what I really prefer. I guess I could pack up my bong and rip it beside the house, but nosey neighbours are surrounding me in the area I live in, and it's really inconvenient.

    I've read online so much shit to solve this problem; "make a sploof, through some bounce sheets in an empty toilet paper roll." Or "just spray some febreeze, it will be fine."

    This doesn't really work with the potency of the weed I have. Frankly, IMO at least, blowing it into a towel masks the smell much better than blowing into a sploof. This is just from personal experience. And the scented oil setup I have works much better than febreeze. The oils are constantly running, smoke always rising above my tealight burner. And the scented oils have ALWAYS worked in the past, I smoke a couple bongs and have that oil running, and it's totally fine in my room. That just doesn't work with the herb I got now, it literally overpowers anything you attempt to counter it with.

    Anyways, this is pretty long for one simple question; I just thought it was neccesary to cover a lot of things (option of going outside not always available, sploof not being enough, etc) just because people ignore the question all the time and try telling you do something completely different, which in this situation is not really an option.

    Even if there is a better way to handle the situation of me trying to hide the smell from my roomate's sister, I don't care. I would like to know what people's methods are of masking the smell, REGARDLESS of the situation.

    Thanks, input is highly appreciated. It really seems like such a newb question I know, but honestly with the stuff I'm smoking now it's not; this is the stuff you're literally triple wrapping and throwing in an air-tight jar in order to prevent it from reeking your room, UNSMOKED. The possibility of my bong being the source of the smell is definitely legit, but I'm just not sure, I always have that thing wrapped up, in a backpack, and then clothes and shit tossed over it.

    Thanks again, I really don't even know what I'm expecting to hear, the method I have with the scented oils IS a great one, I know it is, but it just boggles my mind that it's not working with the stuff I got now...I've had stuff of quite similar potency that have easily been masked by the scented oils, but this stuff, I don't know man, it just doesn't want to go away.
  2. Yeah all I can reccomend for smoking it is the sploof . It's worked for me. You
    Could always go to someone else's room to smoke or just make
    Plans for the day his sister comes. I usually don't
    Smoke indoors anyways so smell isn't a
    Problem for me

  3. Thanks for the input man, I'm definitely going out at least a couple of the days that she will be down, but for a majority of her visit, I'll be at home.
  4. Honestly your best bet would be to roll up enough jays to last you threw tomorrow, and go for some jay-walks (lol) but if you have to smoke in the house, here's my old setup exactly how I did it, no details left out

    1. Turn on the shower and let the bathroom steam up for a few minutes. If there is a window, open it.

    2. Go pack your bowl/grind your weed while the shower is getting hot

    3. Go to the bathroom, towel the door, and get naked (Yes, this does make a difference)

    4. Hop in the shower with your bowl, but don't let your hands get wet, just let the hot water run on your back, it feels good anyways

    5. Smoke like you normally do, but blow everything out the window. You could cover your bowl with a quarter or finger if you dont want smoke to escape, but it really doesn't make a difference because the steam is going to do its job.

    6. Once you are done, set the bowl outside the shower, and take a shower

    7. By the time you get out, the bathroom will smell like steam and soap/shampoo from your shower. Leave the window open so the steam can go out the window, or else the steam will mess up the paint in your bathroom.

    When my mom didnt like me smoking, I literally used to do this in the bathroom right across from her room, and she didn't smell a thing and she has a really sensitive nose, especially for weed. It worked everytime.

    If you don't have a window in your bathroom, forget about doing this.

  5. Sounds like a pretty good idea, and yes i do have a window in my bathroom. Good to see you used this method and were able to hide the smell.

    I will definitely give this a try, although I couldn't do it everytime I smoked, it would definitely be of some help.

    Thanks, greatly appreciated.
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    Just try it tonight before she comes, and see for yourself. A little febreze right after your shower won't hurt, but you really don't need it.

    Edit: Oh and I can't stress how important the steam is, it is the most important thing so make sure you get some good goin. If you smoke before the bathroom gets steamy, she might smell it a little but once the steam starts, it'll kill any smell. I've even had someone walk in on me while I was in mid session, and they didnt smell anything but their nose wasn't as sensitive as my moms.

  7. Alright man definitely will do. Thanks again.
  8. If you have extra cash, take a trip to your local shitty head shop and pick up a relatively cheap vape, use methods mentioned above(shower) and combine with a sploof and one of those oil fans you plug into an outlet. Later on you can get a 14.5mm or 18mm male joint adapter for your bong and have vaped weed to make delicious edibles out of! :smoking:

  9. Actually, if you don't have a window, you can still do this. Turn the bathroom fan on. I jsut did that method, blew into a towel, and my parents never smelled a thing. Even when my dad walked in the bathroom 2 minutes after i got done, he didn't smell anything.
  10. I just go outside.. fuck being cuaght i have a tootsie roll and i just smoke away.. and when im done i just put the rest of the shit in a unclosed bag. Wrap it. Put another bag over it and then seal it then i put it in a pill bottle or what i have right now is a mentos gum thing and i put both bags in there.. wrap it in another bag and save it.. bongs are too bulky.. get a small pipe or a tootsie roll. Trust me it taste better and smokes hella lot more..
  11. After 2 years of perfecting my stealth method, I found one that works flawlessly, without any windows or shower. All you need is this thing called a smoke buddy, which is a handheld carbon filter that works amazingly, and a can of ozium which is a spray that works I believe by trapping carbon molecules in the air, so it actually eliminates any smell plus adds a nice scent. Another thing I learned back in my blowing it out the window days was to put a towel or blanket under the door. All of that will definitely work. And as for being able to rip your bong without any smoke escaping the stem or bowl into the room, just pack one hit at a time. The smoke buddy can be found at headshops for around $20, and the ozium in the auto section at Walmart for about $7. You're welcome OP.
  12. Hold it in your lungs till there is nothing left then blow the vapers out the window.
  13. Smoke outside or edibles
  14. Bathroom method will work, Guaranteed, as long as you have a window. I did it every day when my parents were home. I always sprayed febreeze or windex all over the open part of the window and when air blew in itd smell like that. Then I'd put windex in the toilet and flush it and it'd fill the bathroom with cleaning aroma. Then I'd leave the window open, shower, and close it after showering. Eye drops, tic tacs, go to my room, enjoy my fuckin high. No one ever suspected a thing.
  15. I conceal it in marked containers and laugh with my card.
  16. Ah the stank.

    Love/hate thing, love the taste and high, hate being paranoid about stealth.

    You can buy turkey bags, cut it to size and tightly wrap gap/baggy in it for transport.

    For smoking, carbon activated sploof, or smoke in your car with febreeze.
  17. Hell yeah! Me too! It has the name of the strain and everything xD
  18. i go with the pill container or jar for smaller amounts
  19. Dryer sheets!! They're amazing!! Can't smell a thing :D

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