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Concealing the scent of a QP?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuckBumble!, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. so im going on a car trip and intend on purchasing about a QP of some herb. my question is how can i conceal the smell? the QP will be inside of a suitcase, in the trunk.

    Would vaccume packing it be enough?

  2. Probably :p
  3. :hello:
  4. im sober and the title of the thread made me laugh really really hard :p

    just put a bag in a bag in a bag in a bag in a bag etc etc, and you should be good
  5. Just use a pill bottle, or u can use a glass jar, or an air tight plastic bag. I usually transfer an 8th in my shoe from down in va up to wash dc and i just put it in my shoe. Nobody has fucked with me so far and i've done this atleast 9 times by now.

  6. For a QP?!:eek:
  7. Freezer bag, vacuum seal, mason jar, suit case with clothes.
  8. Jars are your best bet.
  9. dude must buy horse pills from sam's club.
  10. if dank jars but if its like brick just wrap it up more. see the dank u can keep on curing so it will be funkyer n taste better YA C

  11. Hahhaah! wow I "lol"ed

  12. hahaha me too man:p

    thnx for all the suggestions...ill look into the jars for sure...
  13. if its not headie i wouldnt worry about it, i dont think the normal beasters smell enough to notice
  14. I just stick one bag in another bag in another bag in another bag in another bag....

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