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  1. I started this post for 1 reason only to see what ppl have come up with to hide/blend in/ and conceal your shit.[OUTDOORS] .it facinates me to see see the ingenious ways ppl have come up with.. if we could lets keep this post to this topic only ....Thanks:hello:
  2. I know this 1 dude that puts these white [ not clear but sun gets in easily] 55 gallon drums together behind his shed, he simply cuts the top and bottom out of 2 of then and screws them together from the inside, he sets them on blocks and lifts the top about 3 inches, it works great , i mean it looks exactly like 8 or 10 barrells stacked for storage, they get plenty of light , he waters from the bottom and none is the wiser, he started using them to start plants early, because even in janurary here there are still alot of cold days, but the drums collect the heat from the sun , keep the wind off and wont let the rain crush the little 1, great

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  3. I live in a semi rural area, and I 'hide' my plants right out in the open.
  4. Just carefully pick a strain that sorta matches the colours of other plants within the area. Thats my plan pretty much, and just hope for the best.
  5. when i was younger reaper i did that , i dont know why but i loved the idea of ppl walking past some of my shit everyday, lol, i once planted 10 plants less than 150 yards from the court house [ rural town of course], but what im looking for is not just ideas , and im not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but real life ,actual way that ppl have concealed there tweeed in the dig?[ thats a 70's term that none knows anymore]:eek:
  6. I know this other guy , i havent actually seen this like the drum grower, but he told me like this...

    in his shop [ 20 x 30 ] he built a wall 3 feet from the end of the building ,inside, he put a small door 3x3 , put a cabinet in front of it, replaced the tin roof there with the green house clear green looking stuff, lined it with foil backed insulation, run a water line in and walla instant hidden growroom..he said it stays brightly lit almost all day , it started to get really hot so he installed a squirell cage fan [ because there quiet and you can get 1 from any old airconditioning system] that cooled it down..

    like i implied before , my goal is to try to help myself and others to be able to grow quality tweed with little to low risk of incarseration....:devious:
  7. well, if your spot outside is worthwile you wont need to worry much about that, plants are green as long as there is some greenerie around or near ur plant somewhat you will be fine.. and try finnding a plant thats meshed in with 2 other plants, its hard :( ive lost a few due to natural blending ....
  8. igot a 1 foot male i think from bagseed out in this wilderness preserve it blends in well with other plants

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