Conan's First Tonight Show

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  1. At 11.30/10.30 central the first episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian airs. I always liked Conan and think he's a perfect fit for the show. He's just gotta do his thing. Will Ferrell's his guest tonight.

    The passing of the torch.

    I finally picked up some bud. Definitely going to have to smoke up before. :bongin:
  2. im gonna watch. prolly hit a bowl first
    should be good.
  3. fuck i missed it
  4. ditto, bet it was better than Leno though:rolleyes:
  5. i seen it. i was happy w/ it. i've always liked conan. My mom even liked it and shes never been a fan.

    he ran across the country

    and drove around and shown off his car

    andys back

  6. I watched and liked it. I've always liked conan and I think will ferrel was a good first guest. Pearl jam wasn't great but it was all in all a good show I hope he does well with it.
  7. ya Pearl Jam sooookz
  8. I'm glad andys back, thats awesome
  9. glad hes back i been missing him and it was great when will ferrel came out with those guys careing him on that thing that shit was funny tom hanks tonight:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. whoa no more joel goddard(sp?) that bites

  11. yea i guess not. he was so funny

    but i was really upset when andy left. i'm glad hes back. hope its like old times again
  12. Was a good first night for Conan.
    I was laughing my ass off when Will Ferrell entered the room being carried on a platform by 4 servants. :hello:
  13. good 2nd show co co is awsome

  14. rofl same here

    funny how i saw will ferrell on man vs wild with bear grylls after talking about how he wanted to take a shit in some snowy ass place
  15. I hope so too, i'm really looking forward to the first "IN THE YEAR 2000"
  16. Conan is the man. He and his team are the funniest on TV. Jimmy Kimmel is probably next in line.

    Did anyone notice how Eddie Vedder jumped up on the drum riser when Conan came over? I think his ego couldn't handle Conans stature. :rolleyes: Yeah Pearl Jam sucks.
  17. 20 mins to show 3 can't wait
  18. Year 3000...nice
  19. I've seen the first three episodes. Gotta say, Conans looking good so far. No complaints.

    Good stuff!
  20. I love how he still does those random ass faces and gestures during his stand-up segments.

    Petting little execs heads ftw

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