Conan with Will Ferrell tonight

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  1. Might be good comes on 10Central (NOW). Anyone watching it?
  2. Late night talk shows are all lame. Never once has any comedy occurred on any of them
  3. i thought it was pretty funny
  4. conan is hilarious dude and always has been. great shit for stoners.:hello:

  5. Conan is great you're a fool as well as a simpleton
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    Conan is stoner friendly television I like to hit my bowl thrice before I watch his show
  7. I liked Conan's beard, what the fuck Will?
  8. most late night shows suck. conan and lopez are hilrious tho. conando is a fuckin legend

    he looks wierd with no beard. i hope he grows it back
  9. i think will ferrells on colbert tonight

  10. I saw that, he fucked a bat with his hand.

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