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  1. Anybody else watch the last episode of Conan?

    Yea it'll be a new show in June, but I feel like a part of me just died.

    Towards the end there he got a little choked up during his speech and to be honest, I did too.

    I haven't felt this sad since Yoda died.:(
  2. Awww reallly? Hasn't come on here yet. I will be tuned in for sure. Conan is one badass motherfucker.

    \Late Night FTW!!!
  3. holy shit!are you f-ing serious?did it already air or do i have a chance to see?ive watched that show for years.
  4. all week conan has been awesome. it might be because theyre running "best of" clips but the guests have been awesome and i love it when he tears apart the set. if you missed it i bet you can check it out hulu.
    conan will be missed in his current form, and i hope that he doesnt lose some of his quirkiness on the tonight show.
  5. yeah man i was bummed.
  6. conan is the best. im so glad he said he wasnt gonna grow up for the next show. hope jimmy fallon is does good
  7. Fuck Fallon

    Just switch over to Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, he's funnier or as funny as Conan was imo
  8. I kinda thought Conan was perfect where he was, and that Jimmy would have been an easier transfer into the Tonight Show. Love them both though so what do I care what time they are on.

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