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    What if the government does pass laws to make weed legal to have. but you have to pay taxes on it, and you have to pay taxes on plants, and if you don't pay your taxes you're convicted of tax evasion.

    What if in order for this to go into effect they would say we need to have certain restrictions on the growers certificates and distributing. and then they kind of just do it like they did the tax stamp act and don't give the certificates to anyone and it just becomes all sorts of messed of. and then what if the fucking irs rose up like the dea did, and instead of classifying them as drug peddlers they'll demonize them as "lowlife tax evaders". "too low to pay their taxes." while the american public is still kept in the dark like they always have been. no one listens to pot heads and that seems like a pretty easy way for us to get fucked over.

    if you can't tell i'm really faded. and i just came down off a very enlightening trip.
  2. i guess no one else thinks that's a possibility.
  3. it would be a sales tax. how could you evade that?

    you can't just buy a soda for 99c and not expect to pay the 8 cent tax. you're gonna pay it no matter what.
  4. he also suggested a tax on plants you own and you need a license, read about the medical mairjuana raids in cali to understand more about what they will do
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    but if they restrict people from selling it, or growing it it doesn't matter if it's a sales tax or not. no one can get the license to grow or sell, so if you want it you still have to keep it on the underground. because if you have it, and no one legally sells it, then you purchased it illegally. and then your dealer is guilty of tax evasion.

    I think you get what i'm saying brother.

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