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Discussion in 'General' started by SiN-Drome, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. i found out that i get a 2500.oo$ loan for a pc dec 1st i want to get the best deal so please help me out

    i know i want a dvd/cd burner and lots of meme and space and good graphics card with tv in out

    i dont need a monatererererererer! :)
  2. Radio Shack.
  3. Radio Shack.

    i dont want no shit pile COMPAQ

    i hate them
  4. If you're not comfortable building your own system, I've always been more than pleased with Dell. I use them at home as well as for all my servers and clients at work. There support is top notch and they give you a lot of bang for your buck.

    Edit: And I agree with your opinion on Compaq. :D
  5. Check out what you want to add to your 'puter and just buy those things, such as video card, memory sticks, CD/DVD player, and get those. I guess it's probably harder than it sounds. My husband has had so many computers apart and shown me so much of the inside of a computer that I'm not so intimidated by it.

    (Mines sittin' here still without the cover on it from my last upgrade and I agree Dell would be the way to go.))
  6. If you can get sum extra cash, and your a gamer, I'd say an VooDoo, they got such sweet systems... makes me wanna cry... and their cases are deff. the pimpest you will ever see, hands down.

    If not though, I'd say Dell, or some independent small company like the one Oblivoit suggested, always seem to get good deals from places like that.

  7. definately , beautifull cases, but otherwise DELL

    don't go compaq ,cheap ass stuff for desktops that is, servers are very good ,but expensive .

    I tell you do not go looking elsewhere, the whole city is running on dell machines and if I could I would by me a an alienware system for home, but I think that Mrs .Superjoint would kill me ;-) hehehe

    Buy something nice, 2500 without a monitor will get you very far, don't spend all your bucks on the most expensive videocard, the one less top notch will do just fine and is usualy 50 % cheaper than top of the line, same goes the procesors, do not buy the flagship of intel nor AMD, just go for a system than suites your needs and you will have some bucks left to buy some good weed ;-). Good Luck!


  8. You just made my day SJ!! I love Dells and their Server series are very kick assed. I also use them for my managed switches. Very smooth setup and pleasing to the eye all mounted in a rack. :D
  9. Alienware pushes their shit. They brag about how good they are. I know they're good. Fast as hell too, 800MHz FSB, dizam. I run UT2003 on my comp everything tured ALL they way. I have a Dell Deminsion 4550. 433MHz FSB? (400 something) P4 2.54 Ghz and I got a Geforce FX 5600 256MB video card. My FSB is almost half of what Alienware pushes, yet UT2003 is one of the, if not, the most beautiful game that I have ever played. I really can't wait for Halo to come to PC :) :)

    But yea, games, if you got the money, Alienware, otherwise a Dell, and a good ass video card. If you want a good ass OS to run on it, get Server 2003, but change it to a workstation. It blows XP out of the water. I'm running 2003, and it's faaaaaaaaaaassssssstttttt as fuck. Anyway, I'm high, and theres my $0.02

  10. Why run the server edition as a workstation? Lots of unneeded services for the home user.

    I run Server 2003 on my home DHCP Server. But I wouldn't want to use it as my everyday OS. I'm running a beta copy of Windows 2004 on my home clients (this will be the next workstation edition) and it kicks some ass. Much better performance than 2003 server when used as a workstation. My two cents.
  11. You mean Longhorn? Well, we have a copy of every Windows here, and I've tried them all out. I read up on 2k3 before installing, and read about turing it into a workstation. SO after I first installed it, and it loaded to my desktop in like no time what so ever, I was like hell yea. You can turn those uneeded services off you know ;) 2k3 is so much faster than anything else out there.
  12. I really like the Longhorn "Aero" user interface. And the fact that it only supports NTFS. The WinFS is a nice new feature as well. And I also like the new window scaling feature.

    And I know ya can turn the services off. I've just never like running a Server OS as my production machine.
  13. well if you ever get bored, give it a try, it's hella fast :)
  14. What kind of hardware are you running it on? I'd like to try it with a dual or quad processor machine.
  15. as soon as I start building computers online I remember how easy it is to spend $5000 for an amazing machine.

  16. wow, I didn't even know quak processor machines were possible! They surely don't all go on the same mobo do they? It must be a special server rack or somthing

  17. I actually seen a motherboard that supports up to 8 processors, so yes they do go on the same MB. :D Crazy sounding I know.

  18. I got it running on a desktop

    Dell Dimension 4550
    P4 2.53 GHz
    256 MB RAM (I'm getting more)
    433(Can't remember.. it sucks though) MHz FSB
    30 Gig HDD
    GeForce FX 5600 256 MB

    It runs beautiful. Everything is like BOOM! and there. Only thing that takes time to load is Winamp 3, but it always does on any machine. But if you like tweaking Windows, 2K3 is def. the way to go. I was stuck on 2000, tried XP home and pro, blah. I know 2K3 is XP under the hood, but it's so much faster, it's all about speed.

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