Computer Worms take over world.

Discussion in 'General' started by dotcom10951, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Alright I have seen the topic 'Will machines eventually take over the world someday' discused several times here. Although this may sound far fetched to most people, this can happen. But I think it will start subtly with things like computer viruses. I work for a security company and I code algorithms against known virus codes for companys such as Norton. Over the years the code in viruses has evolved, to beome trickier. Many computer viruses now days are highly evolved worms programmed to survive, and spread. Perhaps in the future, as our technology grows, these viruses will only get smarter, and may develop their own thinking and spread 'genetic' information by means of glitched data recieved during a spread transfer. The future of machines that take over the world are going to start as computer virus and evolve, just how humans evolved from bacteria.

    Think about it... A recent computer worm took down a power grid.
  2. when viruses take over windows i'll just keep telling everyone to switch to linux because it's free and there are no viruses for it. And if someone makes one, the permissions keep you from fucking things over.

  3. i sooo want to make that jump. i wanna run away from the evil msoft. i fear it. for i fear i wont be able to use my progs. is there a version out there that will run any program deigned to be installed on windows?

    ... i think i'll just have to wait until the worms take over.

    cant we create an ecco system of programs tho? viruses that only eat viruses, and digest them too. ;)
  4. *que dramatic movie trailer music*

    Somewhere in the distant future...

    ...alone, in a world gone mad. A world ruled by technology and fear. A single operating system exists where no other could survive.

    Only Linux can stant up against the wormy threat.

    Comiing in 2004, The Linux
  5. There is this wonderful program for linux called WINE that lets you run windows programs as long as you configure it properly. I fucked up my linux so I need to reinstall sometime soon here so I can use it to program for school again. VIM is so much easier to use than VI.
  6. Everytime I install Linux, I manage to fuck up my partition table one way or another. Plus I can never get all my hardware working no matter how much I configure it, damn generic cards.

  7. Alright!!! Can't wait for those stoney techy talks either!! I gotta drop a little tid bit that I read in the current issue of Information Week this morning...

    "A recent survery shows that 23% of IT managers and staff have been called while on vacation."


    Shit I get paged/call if I even leave for lunch!! :)

    Number seems a bit low to me!!

    Edit: And welcome to the City friend!! I'm an IT Manager for a company in Indiana... Dabbled a bit in white and black hat hacking in my younger years. :) Look forward to seeing you on the boards!!
  8. (hi there)

    (IT back here in France)

    I personaly believe in the possibility of computers runnin our very lies in the futur.

    I mean look at it seriously:

    (i hate microsoft, , there i said it)

    If you look closely at the capabilities of Exchange+Project, you very much have a system that can drive your professional life all on it's own.
    some senior input a new project to be done, and sends to an assitant the /task/ to dispatch the project to collaborators.
    the task gets displatched people do their jobs, and notify the end of task and voila the project s done.

    Now, Only the guy at the very top actualy did something on its own: he launched the project.

    you use an AI to be at the top?

    transpose this IT system to your home.
    You have a database that encompas you, your family, your house, etc, as ressources.
    Feed the AI with all basic needs for the ressources: house needs electricity, users need food, sleep, etc.
    establish rules within the AI (in order to get electricity the user must earn money, eat, and sleep, etc; give it the secifics about users: sleep 8h a day, eats 3 times a day etc..)

    could'nt the AI at one stage "guess" that the user FATHER need to FETCH A JOB, the MOTHER need to do the cooking , the SON needs to learn a job etc etc...) ??


    The cool thing about this is that I actuly wouldn't mind.

    "good morning, FATHER, today you must:
    fetch the clean laundry
    refiel the fidge"

    Icould get and think about different stuff:
    Today I wanna learn more
    How can I share my knowledge?
    Could I get a kwiky with MOTHER"

    ahem do I seem crazy? ...

    that been said, I sincely believe that microsoft is building such a database; which is why I dont entrust them with my personal informations.
    That said, as an IT it's kinda sexy to use microfot software in order to force them to do what I want them to do, and not what Microsot wants them to you. (no you shall not report to ms the list of sotf I use; no i shall not need your aprouval every time i hit play on my dvd player, etc etc..)
  9. ya... umm... my comp will never take over shit.. it keeps breaking... :(
  10. I'm at school learning C and C++. I think I have to learn some assembly for one of my classes this year.

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