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  1. whats up everyone? i got bored and decided i would try my hand at one of the PC grow box's and it turned out ok so i thought i'd post some pics. it is by no means big enough for an entire grow but it works well for growing them big enough to go under the 400 watt in the closet. temps outside are 100 degrees plus so i cant fire up the big light but this will get me by until it gets cold outside. check it out. i used 3 6500k 26w bulbs and 1 2700k 26w bulb. the lights are seperated from the plants by a piece of plexiglass, that is held in by velcro which allows easy access to the light bulbs. i left one end of the light compartment open and installed a pc fan in the light chamber to act as a cooltube if you will, so no heat gets to the plants. there are 2 more pc fans, one at each end, inside the plant area to act as an intake and exhaust. the plants are about a month old and have been through hell! they are still alive though and seem to be coming along since going into this box. they are bagseed so no biggie if they decide to give up on life. i topped one of them a day or so ago and im waiting till the new growth on the other is a little bigger so i can cut the top off of it. they got their first shot of nutes 2 days ago and really liked it. here ya go.:wave:

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  2. that's awesome....

    what is the size and dimensions of that computer? That is a very cool idea.
  3. hey tony, I'm not exactly sure of the dimensions. its a larger computer case but its not the server case's that everyone prefers but I'm not trying to complete the grow with this box so its perfect for me. the pots inside are the 1 gallon pots so that should give you some idea how big it is.
  4. I like the setup, it is very clean, smooth looking.

    I'm thinking of starting a little PC grow myself once my outdoor girls are done, just for fun.

    I'm wondering though, how is the wiring done for those lights?

  5. it was rather simple. I ran all the wires for the lights and fans. then I put all the mylar in, over the wires so none were exposed. and lastly, installed the light sockets and fans. worked rather well but it was time consuming as hell. good luck with yours. ill gladly answer any questions if I can.
  6. Is each individual light plugged into an electrical socket or did you custom wire it?

    I like the idea of putting the mylar on after you've run your wires, sorta like weeping dirt under a rug.

    Also why did you feel the need to put in 1 2700k bulb? Aren't they more for flowering?
  7. the light sockets are all connected together resulting in only one plug. the analogy you gave about the mylar is correct. makes for a clean looking setup. about the 2700k bulb, I am no pro so anything I say, please research it before you try it but from what I understand, plants like a full spectrum of light and 4 cfl's are plenty for two plants at this stage in growth so I added a hint of red to go along with the blue spectrum. I don't think it will make a noticeable difference but it mimics nature a little more.
  8. you could have used smaller pots in that thing lol. Like a 6in. would be bong in that.

    Of course its logical that it would want the full spectrum so I prefer to mix blue/red... but what do I know :D For the record you could grow the whole way with one or the other, i've read that using blue during flower makes the buds fluffier - dunno how true that is.
  9. i wish i could use smaller pots but the roots are at the bottom so im gonna have to transplant and fire up the closet setup.:(
  10. Mimicing nature makes sense. Thanks.

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