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  1. so my computers been stuck in a constant restart for a few days now. first it would stop on an avg file, took me a day but i fixed that. now it stops on a crcdisk.sys file. i have no way to fix it because nothing is working.

    it restarts before i can log in. knowing this is it possible to copy files from my computer onto an external hdd before i download the OS again. i have alot of files i dont want to lose but i feel like there is nothing i can do. any help would be mad appreciated.
  2. shameful bump. im going to lose so many pictures if i reinstal OS :(

    reading about an ubuntu program. everone says it will fit on your standard disk. im fucking 50mb short of fitting it on mine.

    if anyone can help me i would appreciate it so god damn much.
  3. If you can get get a live CD/DVD of some Linux distribution, you can boot your computer off of that, connect an external hard drive to your computer, and back up all of your shit from within the live OS. Once you have that done, you can reinstall your operating system or possibly install a better operating system (my recommendation) and you won't lose your data.
  4. Have you tried booting into safe mode? I don't know what the issue is really, but it's worth a shot.

  5. this is exactly what im trying to do. a fellow blade suggested phinnox i think its called so i burned that onto a disk and tried booting from cd but for some reason it doesnt boot into any special programs. idk what im doing wrong but i feel like im not doing anything wrong it just wont boot. but i gotta be

    yeah when i start it in safe mode it stops on the file, windows/system32/drivers/crcdisk.sys. then restarts.
  6. so far ive tried knoppix with two different disks no luck with either one. tried booting to cd rom, tried not pressing anything. the program wont boot though. i have a windows vista 32 bit os disk and tried the repair option with no luck as well. is there anything else with the windows os disk i could do without re downloading the OS?

    any other programs that would allow me to copy files over to an external HD is pretty much what im looking for. would like to get some pictures off the HD then re install OS. i dont have another computer to take the HD out and put in that .
  7. also am trying ubuntu, the size of the file though is around 750mb. and my disks can only carry 700mb. so im guessing i just cant do that.

  8. DVD's can hold 4.7GB :)

    Some distro's can also be run off a USB flash drive. You should be able to boot into Ubuntu as a live CD/USB, and copy your data over.

    If you have the Windows install disc, or there is a recovery partition, you can do a system restore/startup repair.

    I just found this discussion on the same issue, I think:

    Unable to boot - Safe Mode stops after crcdisk.sys - Microsoft Community
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    ah yes this thread looks familiar. im trying it again right now but last time i tried on step number 3/4 where im supposed to pick my windows vista the box was there but it didnt say anything inside of it

    edit- shit can i run ubuntu and programs like that from a usb? if so i have one that t will fit on maybe ill try that. got the windows vista os loading right now. will report back
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    yes so on that step 4 when i tells me to click on my os. there is nothing in the box. so i click load drivers as it tells me to do. then when i try to choose C it says to format. so i tried to format and now its telling me windows cant format C. any ideas?

    its almost like its not even recognizing i have a hard drive in my computer

    edit- if i try to do a system estore or anything it says a windows must be chosen. and for the OS it says ive chosen is unkown, or local disk.
  11. Use a flash drive to boot into another operating system, have an external drive and cope and paste files into said backup drive.

    have you tried the built in repair functions? system restore back to previous saved settings?

    i need to be there for shit like this, i just dont know what to do with words lol.

    i fucking hate when windows gets fucked up though, most aggravating thing to try to fix, end up spending hours for nothing, and then the next day its working in a minute some how. i usually end up just shutting it off, smoking lots of weed and coming back lol

  12. hahaha i feel you on that. been workin everyday on it for 4 days now i think. and by the usb thing should i put ubuntu or something on the usb is that what you mean?

    yeah i just tried built in repair and restore but like it says on this page
    How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair

    the number 3/4 i cannot do because it doesnt show a OS for me to choose. even if i click load drivers then try clicking on the C it shows nothing. almost like there is not even a OS installed.

    haha man i wish you were here to help, i feel so helpless with it.
  13. Did you enter the BIOS menu and change the boot priority to boot from your CD/DVD player first? If not, then you aren't going to be booting from it.

  14. Yes this, you need to change it in bios. Here is a tutorial i got off google real quick, i picked the one with pictures because that helps alot. you can probably find help on youtube too

    How To Change the Boot Order (Boot Sequence) in BIOS

    To get into bios is different on most computers, minds is tapping delete, it may be one of the F buttons. it should say it at the bottom real quick what button to hit, reading it may take a couple shots so it might take a bunch of reboots.
  15. So to boot off of a live CD/DVD or USB:
    Open a BIO menu or the boot selection menu. On most computers, the BIOS menu can be accessed by repeatedly pressing F2 right after your computer starts. The boot selection menu can be accessed through some other F-key. On my computer, it's F12, but it might not be the same for you. I recommend that you use the boot selection menu instead of the BIOS menu because it's easier.

    If you are at the BIOS menu, go to the tab that says "Boot." Move the boot priority of your DVD player to the top of the list. Save, then exist. Your computer should now look to boot off of what's in the DVD drive until you go back to the BIOS menu and change it back.

    If you are at the boot selection menu, simply just choose to boot from your DVD player and your computer will boot from the live CD/DVD. Note: This does not change the boot priority.

    Of course, if you are using a USB stick, then you should choose to boot from that instead of the DVD player.
  16. Before you do anything, get yourself another hard drive. The errors you're getting are pointing to a failing hard drive. Reinstalling OS will not fix this. A fresh install will only work for a little while before you're back to a failing boot.

  17. ahh shit i have not done this, thank you to you and stonedp! going to try it now

    you think this may be the problem? i saw a view things when i was looking it up leading to a failing hard drive. i hope thats not the problem but i do need to upgrade anyway..
  18. I would definitely get a new HD. You're lucky your HD is still accessible and you can recover your data. Next time might not be so lucky.
  19. im not to sure if it is, i hope so.

    i got it so bios boots from cd first but it still did not recognize the phinnnox program i have it it. or kplinnox something like that. says booting from cd but then asks me safe mode normal or last known which sends me into restart
  20. if i copied an iso file of ubuntu onto a usb should i be able to boot from it? or does it need to be something other than an iso

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