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  1. I normally wouldn't post about this, but I wanted to show that you can sex a clone/s with out rooting them first. And this is the first time i have needed my computer case since i been here in the city, so thought i would show it off a little. Its Ghetto but it works for sexing/rooting clones and starting seeds.

    24"t 18"w4.5"d
    52watts cfl
    computer fan exaust with passave intake
    cheep mylar.

    Heres some pics of the plants before any choping and some of the case..

    Will post more shortly..:smoking:

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  2. HIGH All, hey if it works right on....when I take clones I know they're what do you mean "sex a clone/s with out rooting them first"?
  3. Thanks for stoping by uniot.. By sexing a clone I mean to take a cutting off of a unknown gender and put in 12/12 cycle to determin sex...

    Okay heres the Toped plants and clones in water.. Any constructive critisim and advice is welcome...choke with ya'll later:smoking: I will keep this updated..

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  4. So.......? You just took a cutting put rooting hormone on it and put it in a cup with water in it???
  5. YES thats it.
    This is not how my normal clones whould be treated, but these are throw aways just being used to give me the gender of each plant. choke with ya'll later..
  6. How long into the Veg cycle would you recommend doing this technique to determine sex??
  7. I usally wait till about 8 nodes grow out than top down to the 4th or fifth node.. you wanna make sure you have enough stem...choke with ya later...
  8. any comments more questions?? Update on plants and clones tomorrow...choke with ya'll later..

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