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Discussion in 'General' started by Cali_Toker, May 5, 2003.

  1. i just ordered cable internet and they cable guys came out and hooked everything up but said since it was just a basic installation id have to use the cd they gave me and install everything myself..... well when i start up the cd it starts to load then the whole window just goes white, so basically it seems like its crashing on me. Any ideas on what might cause this ??

    Also if i cant get the instalation cd workin do you think i could call the cable company tech support and they could walk me through setting everything up and activating my account manually ???? Cause i dont wanna call them up and sit on hold for a hour to find out they cant do that and they gotta send a new cd

  2. shouldn't this be in the general section?
  3. heh yeah proally, sorry bout that. didnt even think bout where i was postin i jus posted, go head and move it if its in the wrong section.
  4. there is a problem with the cd. i am 99.9% sure on that. what type of modem is it? all the cd does is install the drivers for the modem, which im rpetty sure you can find online. just make sure there the exact ones you need.
  5. ^^^^
    He's right. Definitely a cd problem. See if you can find the drivers yourself and if you can't, then call the cable company and say the cd doesn't work and ask where to download the files.
  6. only install the drivers, never the bullshit software they package with it. trust.

    so just install "Drivers"

  7. jazed is right about the software. it installs drivers and modifies your browser and internet settings, which most liekly, you wont be happy with it. periodically setting your home page to theres, shit like that.
  8. all you need to do is install the modem drivers, either usb or into your ethernet card. If you choose to run it off your ethernet you dont need to install any drivers but if you only have a usb port you will need to install the drivers. USB drivers. Everything else is run from your provider.
  9. i'd be calling customer support and tell em to get the fuck over here and fix my damn computer!:D
  10. yay i got cable internet now.. all i had to do was call 1-888-comcast. And literally within 10 mins my shit was workin, just tweaked a few internet settings and bam it worked, didnt have to download drivers or nothin like that.

    Did i mention i got cable internet now !!!! :)
  11. I just got a friend to build my computer and sell it to me with his employees discount. 5% above cost. It rocks.

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