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  1. Hello fellow weeders, :wave:

    I'm building a new grow cabinent and want to use a bunch of excess computer fans I have laying around. Rather than go get a bunch of transformers, I would like to use one of the excess computer power supplies I have laying around. Unfortunately, even if I jumper the power switch to the "on" position, they all need to be plugged into a motherboard to power up.

    Has anyone figured out how to solve this or know of a way around it that doesn't involce permanently placing a CPU power supply tester on it?

    Any and all info is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much! :smoke:
  2. never mind. figured it out
  3. can you wire multiple pc fans on one motherboard?? if so id like to stop paying 17$ each for adapters. Thanx peace.
  4. No need for the motherboard. But, like you, I was tired of buying adapters for my fans too so I wanted to use an old power supply to run all the fans. So with one $10 500W ps, I can run up to 500W of fans. Nice huh? Plus, I don't have to dick with too much wiring/soldering because the computer fan connectors just plug into the molex connectors on the power supply like they normally would in your computer.

    Also, since I don't need this thing to hook to a motherboard, I can use the 12v rail outputs to run more stuff (fans, lights, rail, etc.) and the 5v and 3.3v to switch relays and such.
  5. lol did i say motherboard, i smoke way too much pot. so you get a power supply and you can plug those little conectors into it?? nice, but i cut those off when i wired them to the adaptors, do you need the yellow wire(speed thingy) for it to work? thanx peace
  6. runs on a 12v charger normal charger
  7. You can do what I am doing, get a PC LCD Temperature Fan Control Unit, 4 fans, pc power supply and hook it all up. Get a pc power supply with the on off switch on the back. This setup ran me $40.
  8. yea my setup for 4 pc fans would cost
    17$ for an adapter x4 68 i think
    10$ for fans x4 40
    TOTAL 108$$$$

    im guessing that fans were not included in that setup so 80$ is an improvement,lol, damn shit is expensive, thanx man ill look into it. peace.
  9. i just connected each of my fans to a 6v battery...and it works just fine...hmm i wounder how many i can connect to just one 6v...
  10. I tryed a 9volt battery for one fan but it only lasted like 1 day so deffinetly not worth it. If they lasted like a week or so it mite be worth it to recharge it. I just made my own HPS and MH fixtures with a reflector and an 6" inline duct fan. It says it moves 250cfm and they are going to be vented rite out the box with duct tube. And they are under $30 and can be wired with an extension chord that you can buy pre-stripped and ready to wire. peace.
  11. you can just buy a 400W cheap-ass PC power supply for about $10
  12. i use old computer fans and a power adapter for hand held games i just cut the connecters off both and wired them together plus you have the added benefit of a volt controller so you can adjust the speed i run mine at 6 volt half speed.and they work a treat and its very cheap
  13. Incase anyone is still wondering how to use the fans without a motherboard, look at you 20 pin motherboard connector and cut the green wire and one of the black wires, splice these togeather, and wrap in electrical tape.

  14. I have a closet full of old computer PSU's and fans with the molex connectors still on. How'd you manage to get the power supply to fire up, and stay on without connecting it to a MOBO?

    Very interested.
  15. ^ just like he said. also, certain PSU have "monitoring" or "data" wires taht also need to be grounded out. Also, others have to have enough of a load to come on and stay on. If that is the case for yours, you can put a resistor in line with a fan or something, or just add additional fans.
  16. Thanks a ton, I will definitely be doing this when I change over to my closet grow.
  17. :cool: :smoke:

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