Computer or TV?

Discussion in 'General' started by tommydaboy, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. im really baked right now and i was wondering if you would rather chill out in front of the computer or tv. i would say tv but i know alot of people who would rather watch youtube videos instead of watching family guy
  2. I like the computer better. Every time i get high i pretty much do all of my Computer Science work by accident. I'm a really good coder baked ^_^.
  3. Your computer can be a tv :)
  4. I don't really watch TV any more, i just D/l all my favorite shows, i hate commercials
  5. The computer is where it's at. Interaction, the ability to comment on anything and everything and have it heard/read by such a vast amount of people.

    I like to yell at all the stupidity on television, but I'd rather yell at something that can hear me.
  6. computer. do anything u want basically. cept smoke more bowls and get pussy. but still.. theres alot of stuff out there.
  7. A USB fleshlight? ;)

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