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Discussion in 'General' started by senior_ganj, May 22, 2006.

  1. I just got a new computer and can't seem to be able to watch any videos online except for things off youtube. I was sitting on and tried to watch a video. The screen keeps saying I need additional plug ins. When I click on it, the computer says that it can't find any of the right downloads that I need. So I clicked on some link that said trouble viewing movies. I downloaded the new windows media player and a few other players, but it seems im sol.

    Here's some info if anyone would be so kind to help out.

    Video programs installed

    Windows media player 11beta
    Macromedia shockwave (i think this is for video at least lol)

    Computer type

    Dell dimension E510
    Windows xp media center

    I'm not exactly computer savy, so if there is any other info that could help out, lemme know.

    A premature thanks to anyone that wants to help me out.
  2. What kind of videos are you trying to view? What format? Or just any WM Stream?
  3. Anything online. My computer can't seem to watch almost any online video.

    Anything of that sort. For some reason youtube works though. All the popup says is 'click here to install missing plugins' -click- 'no suitable plugins were found'

    Then theres a spot where I can click on manual installation.

    edit: I'm trying to download the latest version of macromedia flash, ill see if that works.
  4. I have the exact same problem. I'm too lazy to get the latest version of flash. You sure you got the latest version?
  5. It says i installed 8,0,24,0 of macromedia flash and I got nothing in terms of videos. I wasn't meant to work computers.

    Edit: I'm running mozilla too if that makes a difference

    Edit 2: Videos work with internet explorer though. So I'm assuming I don't have the right plug in for mozilla.
  6. Try going to and downloading and installing all the plugins on that page (you don't need the first one for videos but you will probably need it sometime in the future).
  7. Nelswick and Shawn. Thanks guys but still no luck. I had tried downloading the flash player from the site nelswick gave me before and the codecs didnt work either. Im stumped. :(
  8. I did have this problem in the past, it really really stumped me, then it fixed itself...:confused_2:

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