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Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Just wondering if you people would like to see some type of computer help forum on here? As I'm sure some of you have seen, I've been lending my time to help some of the blades with their computer problems. Check out the virsus outlook thread in the seasoned tokers forum. If you all have any problems, post them and I'll give ya a hand. :)
  2. now that is handy....a "My computers fucked and i really need someone to fix it for me" is allways giving me shit!.....Peace out...Sid
  3. Lol Sid!! I have a lot of knowledge about computer systems and thought that I might as well try to help others out with that knowledge. Beside, you see what the cost of having someone fix your pc is? Chances are it will be at least $50.00/hour. That's lots of dope money friends!!
  4. Sounds like a great idea. I've only taken a couple Windows classes at the community college so I know as much as the average joe but could always learn more.
  5. I know all yer general windows stuff and a tiny bit about linux, other than that all I really know is how to take apart or put together a computer. At least that way I can just replace shit when I can't fix it :D
  6. I have pretty extensive in depth experience with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, and 2000. This has included working extensively with all of these in a network environment. I also have extensive experience with Windows 2000 Server. This includes Active Directory, setting up and rolling out, managing and creating user accounts, managing Windows 2000 storage, creating and managing shared folders, software installation, configuring and troubleshooting network print services, connecting clients, tuning and monitoring, preparing for and recovering from server failures, as well as installing hardware. I also have extensive experience with TCP/IP Infrastructure (DHCP, WINS, and DNS) and experience with routers, hubs, switches, ISDN, DSL, and cable modems, T1 Lines, Client/Server relationships, as well as running network and fiber optic cable. I am also fluent in Unix and Linux. I was pretty fortunate growing up that my Dad was a tech nut. I'm only 24 and I've been using computers for about 15 years now. Always had a computer around. I ended up learning so much from him, then I went on to college and got an Associates in Computer Systems/Network Technology and a Diploma in Electronics/Computer Occupations.

    After I graduated I worked as a network technician for about 2 years. During that time I was responsible for designing and implementing various networks for various customers. I then decided to branch out on my own and began to work as a security consultant to a number of companies. That's what brought me to my current job. I came out to Indiana from Iowa to do a bid on a network upgrade. The boss of the company was so impressed with my knowledge and work ethic that he offered me the position of IT Manager/Network Administrator on the spot. And now here I am a year later already... Don't know where the hell the time goes anymore!!
  7. A computer help forum in a mariuana discussion forum?

    I don't see it happening.... but of course people can always post off-topic stuff in the general forum.....
  8. I don't know what the hell happened to it but I had a tech question for you.

  9. Was it about getting the big thing off your screen? Don't get mad I'm just trying to help..
  10. LMMFAO!!!!!

    Nothing could make me mad right now...well, I'm sure it could so don't try but you know what I mean. ;)

    No...that wasn't it.
  11. Thats twice I've put a happy smile on your face!!!

    If I keep it up do I get a prise or something???
  12. I don't know...keep it up and we'll see! ;)
  13. I'll keep trying!
  14. hmm... here's one for ya indiana:

    recently my registry was corrupted due to a faulty uninstaller for something... and the comp refused to start up. My mom called her friend and he brought over a boot disk, which didn't work. Then he grabbed a wimpy 7 gb hdd and installed XP on it, and fixed the corrupt registry on the old hdd from there, with most of my shit still intact. The problem now is that windows is loading from the 7gb f:\ drive, instead of my old 20gb c:\, which is also messing up some of the programs on the c:\ drive, which I'm guessing is due to looking for certain things in the registry from the f:\, instead of the now-fixed registry on the c:\. Hardware really isn't my specialty... so I'm reluctant to just take out the 7gb. Is there an easy way to just turn the 7gb into a slave drive and have windows load from the 20gb?

    thanks bro :D
  15. Seven,

    You can try to revert the 20 gb disk as primary master. Just remove the 7 gb and put the 20 gb in place. Do not forget to adapt the jumper caps on the rear.

    Boot the computer, and if your registry is really fixed on your 20 gb disk, it should start windows as before.

    But don't wonder if new programs installed on the 7 gb will work on the 20 gb : an operating system can only run programs that are registred in its own registry (or programs that do not require registry access). A 'dead' registry on another drive is simply not part of the running os.

    If everything works, you can then reconnect the 7gb as slave. The recent xp version on it will be inactive, while any useful data files on it will be at your disposal. Hope this helps you out friend. :)
  16. ok thanks man, I'll try that in a little bit :)

  17. .
    what the fuck? a resume. Am I in the right site...? I though this was grasscity.....? What do you mean there is no spoon? I ate my cornflakes with one this morning.

  18. This is the city friend. If ya come around more often you'd see that we're just a big family around here. I was just sharing some of my personal experience. Not a resume. If people have computer problems, I'm providing the answers to them free of charge. LOL, as if I'd post my resume on a stoner board in the first place. Think before you speak my friend. :)

  19. 1. I am not your 'friend' nor do I appreciate your use of the word when you clearly don't mean it. Sarcasm should be left for those with intelligence.

    2. You were not sharing your personal experience, you were trying (and failing) to 'show off'.

    3. LOL??? How antiquated a acronym is that... this is the year 2003 and not 1993....

    4. I always think before I speak... it is a general requisite for the complexity of human language.

    5. See you next Tuesday..... my friend.

  20. 1. Perhaps if you would look around a little, you would see that I refer to all people here as friends, even though you now clearly don't deserve that distinction.

    2. I was not showing off. Ever checked the prices of having a pc fixed? $50.00/hour is pretty standard. If there is someone that has qualifications to help you out for free, I think that most people would prefer that.

    3. LOL, yes that's right. I don't much care what year it is, it still fits.

    4. I agree it is a requisite for the complexity of human language, but there is no need to be a shithead to someone you don't even know who is just providing help for those that need. It's a free country, if you don't want my help, that's fine with me.

    5. You've been registered for 15 months now and have 78 posts. Perhaps if you were here more often I would respect your postion a bit more.

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