Computer hard drive fail on me

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  1. Damn gc my fucking hard drive fail yesterday due to my lil bro keep turning it off and on so I had to buy a new one, but didnt fixed it until today. Everything in the hard drive is loss, including some of my most important shit especially my school stuff. My life has been miserable ever since, every pw for email and other stuff is save in my antivirus file. Luckily I still remember some of the pw for the email so I recover some, but the rest is all gone :cry:. Learn from my mistakes guys and buy a portable hard drive and backup that bitch because its a god damn bitch to lose your most important shit if you know what I mean.
  2. data could be recoverable, should have it looked at
  3. Yes but with extra charge, i would but im low on money at this time :(
  4. ahh.. thats unfortunate.

    save that hard drive though. for later.
  5. had a similar situation.. computer was ridiculously slow.. reinstalled win7(lost everything) did system restore, and defrag and restarts. No effect.

    Did a hard drive speed test.. turns out one had bad sectors.. took it out.. and now computer is back to fast as fuck

    lesson: hard drives can suck. always backup
  6. Your hard drive typically will give out completely within three months after system restore.

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