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Discussion in 'General' started by Thewastedyouth, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I can currently hear a family member smashing the shit of out of his wardrobe door because of a game of FIFA.
    It makes no fucking sense to me why he keeps playing. Ive been annoyed at a game before and backhanded a wall, once.

    But EVERY day he will crash into something in his room as loud as possible. The funny part is, that its not lag, or the game, its just him playing shit.

    But why? Why does he keep playing it and working himself into a rage AGAIN?
  2. he is addicted :smoking:
  3. Film him and turn it into a YouTube sensation
  4. Its the spirit of the gamer,
    you keep coming back for more no matter how much it boils your blood.
  5. He really likes the game, but he hates losing.
  6. Yeah he wants to defeat it probably. Once he gets decent at the game he'll put it down. If I were you I would record it, btw. And show everyone on here/youtube.
  7. I know football is popular, but how it that game equally as popular?
  8. It's actually extremely fun to play with a few friends if you guys are just hanging out. I've seen a lot of people hesitant to play it because they don't like the sport or sport video games but after they played it and got used to it they found it fun.

    And unlike most sports game FIFA actually requires a bit of "skill" if you will..more so than Madden and games like that, in my opinion.
  9. Fifa IMO is the best sports game to actually play. Especially with friends. I played fifa 99 or 97 or something like all summer last summer and it was ownage

  10. Most definitely..and really whether you like the actual sport or not it's still really enjoyable.
  11. I would imagine that wasting so many hours in something and then losing only to have to do it again would become a very good reason to randomly start raging and what better thing to hit then the solid wall...

  12. rawrrrrrrr
  13. CoD makes me rage like nothing else on this planet, the rage flows through my body.
    on some hulk shit.

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